Monday, February 18, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by Anna of "Thimbleanna" fame ( to tell seven weird things
about myself. While I am really sure there are a lot
more than seven, here are seven that occur to me right
off the bat:

1. I like chickens. While I do not idealize them (they are some of the meanest creatures I know and I definitely would not want to be in their vicinity if I were smaller than they are) I do admire their industry. They are always "working", doing something, and they make the best compost in the world.

2. I like my dog. He is my next-best friend. My husband is my best friend.

3. I like "dirt therapy". There's not much wrong in my life that can't be cured by getting my hands in the dirt. Hence the sorry state of my nails.

4. I'd rather be home with my family than anywhere else in the world.

5. I enjoy being alone. I also like being with other people, but I do require periods of solitude. If that means that I have to stay up till two or three in the morning to get that solitude, I'll do it.

6. I have umpteen projects all going at once. But among my bloggy friends, this is probably not all that weird.

7.I seldom use a recipe. I have a LOT of cookbooks, but the recipes in them are usually just jumping off places. I'll bet you can tell which ones I use a lot.

1 comment:

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! Thanks for playing 7 wierd things! Are you sure that first picture is a real chicken LOL???? It's beautiful! I've seen pics of black and white chickens before, but none that pretty. I'm with you on the solitude -- sometimes you just need some time alone!