Thursday, February 21, 2008

Changes - Some Good, Some Not So Good

These pretty little blooms are on the trellis outside our front door. They are Carolina Jessamine and wonderfully fragrant. The bees are LOVING them!

And while you can not begin to get an idea of how pretty this looks right now, it is a redbud tree in our front yard. The blooms are not really red, more of a dark pink, but still a reliable messenger that spring is really here, and as I look out the window the bright flowers in the midst of a gray day are really cheering.

On a much sadder note, our wonderful daughter-in-law's father slipped away to heaven early Saturday morning. It's been very hard for her and her sisters. He was a wonderful Daddy, and will be much missed. My prayers are with them all.

Some of these pretty little cupcakes (and some more with green frosting that I never got pictures of) went to help feed the family after the funeral.

It's rather an odd custom we have, of gathering the family of one who has departed this life to share a meal together after a funeral, but it's also very life-affirming at the same time. Life does go on, and we must be fed.

Hug your loved ones!


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Thimbleanna said...

Sorry to hear about your DILs father. I've often wondered about how odd our funeral get togethers are too. Especially these days where they're more like celebrations. We went to a catered luncheon after a funeral last summer -- it was a very tragic too-soon accident, but for the luncheon a big tent was pitched in the backyard and it reminded me more of a wedding reception Very odd, but I suppose everyone must do what comforts them the most.