Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finished Quilt!!!

I can hardly believe it, but I finally finished this quilt I've been working on for months. What a relief. I am disappointed in the MANY mistakes I've made on it, but it is the first quilt of this type I've made, so I've forgiven myself :).

The quilt on the headboard of our bed is one that belonged to my grandmother. I'm not sure if she made it or her mother, but it is old and precious.

There are many things that I will do differently next time. Yes, I do plan to make another quilt - just not right away!

I have renewed respect and admiration for all the women who so meticulously craft their beautiful quilts. And I do still aspire to do even half as well!
This little baby is one our daughters and I made years ago when they were very young. We sewed the squares together, turned and stuffed them, and then when they were all complete - I zig zagged them on the sewing machine.

It has been a beautiful day here today. We had a little cool front blow in yesterday and we're enjoying some cooler weather.

Have a great evening!



Annie said...

Congratulations on a wonderful quilt. What a wonderful satisfaction it is to finish a project especially one so big. You will get a lot of continued pleasure from this lovely quilt. How lucky to have an heirloom one as well.

Screen Door said...

Congratulations on the completion!!! I love it. I never like a quilt when I first complete it. I think it's because I'm sick of it. Put it away for a few days and you'll fall in love with it all over again. The flower garden quilt is beautiful--- on the "wish list" for many a quilter....enjoy your weekend. We hit 67 degrees today.

Ru said...

thats amazing!!!! im so proud!!! I bet its even more gorgeous in person but it sure is awesome in the pictures!!! great job!!!!!!!

Tori said...

Oh it's a lovely quilt. I love the colors.

Daughter of the King said...

This is a beautiful quilt...I love the colors...

Oiyi said...

The quilt is beautiful.