Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flowers, Candy and Dog Baths

This little guy went to the hospital this morning. No, it's not the effects of his trans-Atlantic journey. He just went to keep our daughter company. She's been in the hospital this time for two weeks, and no stuffies went with her, so she needed him. True, she is twenty-five, but still - a girl likes to have a bunny to hug! He's taking good care of her.

I hope you can get some idea of the size of this amaryllis. It is huge, and so pretty. I just love the parade of flowers in the spring. Makes me smile.

I've discovered that in chocolate emergencies, mixing different flavors of chocolate chips with nuts (in this case almonds) and whatever else takes your fancy (in this case coconut) and then melting it in the microwave, stirring really well and then dropping on a sheet of parchment paper and chilling for a little while in the refrigerator is an excellent idea.
And I really needed the extra energy, because tonight I had to give baths to two very big, very smelly dogs.

Here's a little video of the after-bath happiness:

Have a great evening!



ru said...

awww the puppies!!! i was just telling perry last night i miss them so much!!!! :D bet theyre thrilled they got heir bath though. easpecially bruno..he does love them so. :)

Oiyi said...

I hope your daughter is okay.

Don't the dogs smell great after a bath? My hubby just gave my boys a bath the other day. Of course, they can't wait to get dirty again.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Elaine! I hope your daughter gets well soon! Love all the goodies you got from Monkeemaker!