Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It was time for "clean sheets" out in the chicken house today. They are pleased. I guess chickens must be somewhat like us, because they sure do seem to like it when I clean their abode. :) Ah, fresh hay in the nest boxes. Much better!

And remember this tree that ended up on our house?

It's gone. Our neighbor and his sons got up there and cut it all down, as I told you here, and this past weekend Mr. Sweetie Pie helped them get that big old stump out of the ground (what a chore that was!). And now we have smooth ground. Hallelujah! Just need to replace that missing fence and we're done.

Fall is definitely in the air, but the air is still hot. We still have some pretty things to see out in the back yard, and that always makes me happy.

Enjoy your day!

Love from me,

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