Monday, March 9, 2009

Pillaging the Chicken Yard

This morning I raided the chicken yard - not for eggs, but for compost. I've been working on re-making the flower beds that were destroyed in our recent plumbing work.
Our chickens think I am the most marvelous chicken in the world. They follow me around and get under foot as I rake the ground and dig up compost. They each want to be first in line for the goodies I uncover. I'm sure they're in awe of my "scratching" abilities! :)

I love having the compost to put in our garden beds. It is so rich and our plants love it!

But, we have to have a fence around each and every garden bed in our back yard or they will be overrun by chickens and/or dogs. It's hard to imagine the amount of damage they can do!

My friend Anne gave me these two gloxinias at church last night. I've put one in the repurposed wheelbarrow outside my sewing room window. I haven't decided about the other yet.

The little lemon tree I planted last year is teasing me with buds again. Maybe this year we'll actually have some fruit! I have to admit I'm a little jealous when I see all the citrus trees in our neighborhood loaded with lemons or oranges.
And always in the spring, I am so thankful for the azaleas. They are so beautiful and so faithful to come back year after year.

Remember this little quilt I finished last week? I took it to church last night. I knew exactly who would get it. And then things changed. During praise and worship, I felt that "nudge" I know so well, and I knew I had to give it to someone else. A dear brother in the Lord is in the hospital fighting for his life - a young man with a family that needs him. His wife was there at church last night. I quickly went and got the quilt from the van and brought it in. Our Pastors prayed for this man, as did the whole congregation, while this quilt was wrapped around his sweet wife. She took it to the hospital after the service for her husband to sleep under. Don't you just know he'll feel the love and the prayers surrounding him!

I truly hope each of you feels the love of the Lord each and every day of your life!

Hugs and kisses,



Millie said...

Elaine, so that is your secret for having such nice flowers.

I just love your quilt scrapbook page. I have not tried it yet, maybe with the next post. I know where I will get help from if I can not do it. LOL

Annie said...

You do good work Elaine. ...even in the chicken yard! You'd better watch out, or a Rooster will be after you! How the garden responds to all that good compost. I hadn't heard that word Gloxinia's for a very long time. Thanks for bringing back a childhood memory.

Susan said...

Oh, Elaine, what a wonderful place for that quilt to end up. I am envisioning you as a chicken. LOL, scratching. Love the results though--your flowers are lovely.

Oiyi said...

You are such a sweet and generous person.