Saturday, April 11, 2009


One of my favorite times of the day is dusk - that period when there is still some light, but it is about to turn into night. And one of my favorite places now to enjoy this time of day is in my sewing room. I can leave the lights off inside and there is still plenty of light outside to enjoy the view.

Of course, if you look closely you'll see that Bruno likes to look, too!

I've put some new flowers out on the windowsill. I like seeing the bright colors right there when I look out.

We have a suet feeder for the birds hung at the top outside the window. I had to try several places to keep those pesky squirrels off of it. See, there's a little chickadee having a snack before bedtime. And the chickens are eating the little late supper of scratch grains I put out for them before heading to their roost.

Mr. Sweetie Pie started the Easter celebration early with a gift for me. Isn't he the sweetest - candy and a bunny!
Of course Mr. Bunny had to get right up to the window shelf so he could have a good view of everything.
And then Homer returned abruptly to reclaim his position. Can't have a usurper taking his place, now can he?

Hope you have a simply wonderful Easter tomorrow, and while you're enjoying all that good food and good fun, don't forget what we're commemorating!

Hugs and kisses,


Thimbleanna said...

Hold your ground Homer -- even in the face of that adorable bunny! Happy Easter Elaine!

Oiyi said...

Happy Easter!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a relaxing and cheerful place to watch the days end! I love this time of day also. The whole world seems to slow down and the birds sing their night lullabye and the coyotes start their seranade. Love your bunny! blessings,Kathleen