Monday, May 11, 2009

Will He Go Round in Circles?

You can just bet he will! Bruno is convinced that there is some varmint hiding in this flower bed, so every time he comes outside - - - he runs around and around it, trying to sniff it out. He is so funny!

More loot from Mother's Day! Our daughter and her boyfriend gave me this set of Corning Ware French White. Yay! I've been wanting some of that for a while now. They did good!

And yes, I've started on another quilt. Here are a few of the nine-patches from charm packs - one each of Objects of Desire, Woodland Bloom, Portugal and Nature's Chorus - that I'm working on now. They all go together really well I think. Not sure how they'll end up, but it's a pretty good start. :)
We had some fresh corn (double yay!) from the garden for lunch today along with some cole slaw, tomato slices, corn sticks and salmon croquettes. Can I just say, "YUM!"?

Isn't this a sweet little single bloom rose? I don't think I've ever seen a rose I didn't like. Have you?
It looks like we might get a little rain here. We can use it!
Have a great day!
Hugs and kisses,


Susan said...

Well you had a nice Mother's Day I see. I love the French White corning and corn on the cob fresh from the garden. I can't believe you harvest it already. The nine-patches look great; beautiful colors. And I have a single petal rose called Dainty Bess that looks just like yours but mine won't be in bloom until you then. Go get'um Bruno!

Miri said...

I've never seen a rose like yours before (or if I have, I didn't know it was a rose!) Its beautiful!

Love the new nine son's favorite quilt since he was 2is a 9-patch charm quilt.

A set a matching Corning Ware-lovely! Great gift!

Oiyi said...

Wow, so many great things on one post. I love the corning ware set. Lucky you! And I love the color of your 9 patches.

Margaret said...

I like the new Corning Ware great Mother's day present. I never knew that Corning was a place in the States until I was travelling from Niagara down to Philidalphia over twenty years ago.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love big 9 patches. I've made several quilts like that and they are delightful.

Millie said...

Great nine patch blocks from the charm packs.
Lovely white dishes...what a neat Mother's Day present.