Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bloom Where You're Planted

This is the little quilt I was having so much trouble with. I just couldn't get my pieces to line up correctly no matter what I did. :( Bummer! I guess I need more practice, huh?

Anyway, I decided to just cut a couple of big holes from the middle and plug in these Mary Engelbreit prints. I like the "Bloom Where You're Planted" saying. Most of her artwork just makes me smile. And smiles are always a good thing!

And how do you like this wild print on the back?

I wondered what I would ever use it for, but it seems to go well here, doesn't it?

In gardening news, I could use some help with all these cucumbers! My neighbors are getting a bit tired of me giving them cucumbers so often. Good thing we all like them so much!
This yellow Angel's Trumpet is just blooming its little heart out. Isn't it pretty?
And here is another example of making do with what you have. Our little bird bath got broken when we were doing our big plumbing extravaganza earlier this year and will no longer hold water. So, it's now the bird feeder. It will hold seeds. But we still needed another birdbath. I looked and looked but couldn't find one I liked for under fifty dollars. I just didn't feel like spending fifty dollars for a birdbath. I know, cheepo me. :) Anyway I had this little ceramic glazed pie plate. It used to have a cover, but that got broken years ago. So, I used silicone and glued it onto one of the pvc pipes we had leftover from the same plumbing work and just stuck it into the ground. It works pretty well. Free is good! It's right outside my sewing room window so now I can see the birds eating and drinking and splashing around.
As you can see, our other fig tree is also outdoing itself putting on figs. I'm glad it seems to be recovering well from its ordeal of going through the hurricane last year and being pruned so heavily.
Hope your day is going well and lining up perfectly for you!
Hugs and kisses,


Susan said...

You are always coming up with some very cool quilts. I like the black background--shows the front nicely. Looks like a good snuggly one. I love the birdbath, I've done some of those myself and the birds don't mind as long as they get water. I want a fig tree too!

Karen E. Overton said...

I'm reading The Juiceman's Power of Juicing and you'd be amazed at the benefits of cucumber juice! I bought some yesterday but haven't tried it yet, he said it's a bitter juice by itself so juice with carrots. Did you know cucumbers actually do help cool down your body temp? they are high in potassium, sulfur, manganese, chlorine and silicon? It's also said that they help rejuvenate muscles and are great for the complexion including preventing hair loss! Now publish that and you won't have any problems sharing those veggies!

Oiyi said...

I like the colors and fabric in the quilt. and your solution turned out really nice.

I wish you were my neighbor and giving me cucumbers! I recently saw a recipe on Food Network for a Cucumber Juice. It looked really good.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I think the quilt turned out darling. I love it. I love the big patches and the little squares. So so sweet. Garden pics! love them.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Your quilt is so cheery! Good idea to cover the holes. Love the garden and my husband's grandmother had a fig tree. She made the best fig/strawberry jam! Enjoyed your pictures and words. blessings,Kathleen