Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hearts and Flowers and Christmas

I finished this quilt last night for a very dear friend.

Yellow is her favorite color, so I put a lot of that on the back.

And she loves Christmas, so I put a lot of that on the front.

She is full of love for everyone, so I put hearts all over the place.

I bound it with polka dots just for fun because she loves to have fun.

She's very precious to me, so I put a lot of love and prayers into it. Just need to make a label and sew it on and we're done!

We're still having rain today. I don't mind at all. The thirsty earth is just drinking it in! The plants and trees and grass are washed and refreshed and storing up moisture for the days ahead.

And it gives me a wonderful reason to stay inside and sew. I'm planning to start a small quilt for a new nephew who will be born early next year. I have something fun to show you in the way of fabric for that one. Perhaps tomorrow.....

It's a bit cooler today and I have my sewing room window open. It's so sweet to look outside and see the chickens busy about their lives in their nice dry pen and to hear them gently humming as they work. That's one thing I love about chickens - they are always busy!

Have a great day!

Hugs and kisses,


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the quilt Elaine. I like the modern yet traditional approach to the quilt. The squares always get me. I love squares.

Millie said...

Elaine, your friend will love this quilt...from the hearts in the corners, the polka dots, yellow fabrics and there is some Christmas in too.