Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing Hooky

I have not touched the little baby quilt at since I cut it out the other day. Booo for me!

But today I had an overwhelming urge to cut out one little Dresden Plate. I saw a video from
Missouri Star Quilt Company via Moda Bake Shop, and it looked so easy I thought, "Even I can do that!"

So, even though I did not have a template, I sort of fudged one and this is the end result!
Seriously, it did not take long at all. I am so impressed!
Now, what shall I do with it? I'm sure I'll figure out something. :)
Enjoy your day!
Hugs and kisses,


  1. ooh this is gorgeous Elaine! wish I had time to quilt proper, maybe next year. The colour blends are beautiful and the whole thing really inspiring! Have a good week, hugs Nettie x

  2. How cheerful! These would be so pretty to place on a table! Love the fabric choices! blessings,Kathleen

  3. Gorgeous!!! Try some of the quilt backing with the swirls, it was lots of fun.

  4. Wow! Is that ever an adorable quilt block -- I love your fabric choices!!!

  5. Hi Elaine-- Thanks so much for keeping in touch! Your encouragement is greatly appreciated! I LOVE your Dresden Plate! Have a great week---

  6. I'm hurrying through blogs but I couldn't not leave a comment Elaine. Love this block. The fabric is so cute. I can't believe you "fudged" it!

  7. Your Dresden Plate blocks look beautiful Elaine, I was looking thru your blog and your Christmas quilt for a friend is so pretty. I love to sew on rainy days too and we have raised many Rhode Island Reds, they are busy birds! Thanks for visiting me.


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