Monday, January 11, 2010

Baking Bread

It's not as if I need to eat more bread-type things. It's just that it's another chilly day here, and that is perfect weather for baking.

We had a big pork roast for dinner yesterday, so there were a lot of leftovers that needed to be used. I put that meat on to simmer in a homemade barbeque sauce and started some buns in the bread machine. When the dough was ready I formed it into some big bun shapes and left it to rise for a while.

While that was taking care of itself, I made a couple of loaves of wheat bread with a side order of wheat rolls on the side and left them to rise.

After its rising, and baking the now barbeque/pulled pork was ready to put in some of those buns for lunch when Mr. Cutie Pie got home. I don't mind telling you - it was mighty good!
By the time we were finished with lunch, the rest of the baking was finished. Not a bad morning's work!
I hope you're staying warm at this end of the world, too! And for those of you in the southern hemisphere - enjoy your very warm weather!
Hugs and kisses,

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