Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainy Day

We're having another rainy day today, and it's a good thing, as Martha would say.
It's been a bit dry here, so the flowers and everything else growing out there appreciate the drink and the wash.
I planted these little roses beneath the lattice at the front of our house about ten years ago and there has NEVER been a bud or a blossom on it. It's an antique rose, and I have no clue what its name is, but it has no thorns!
I had pretty well given up on it blooming and just planted Carolina Jessamine to climb up the lattice. That has performed beautifully, but this year we got double on that lattice.
Now that the jessamine has finished the roses have started. Not only is it flowering at long last, but there are so many buds-in-waiting it looks like it may continue for a while!!

We had a much colder than usual winter here, though, thank God, nothing as severe as those in our northern states. The funny things is - it seems to have resulted in the most beautiful and prolific flowers, fruits and vegetables we've seen in a while.

I put a couple of the bags of leaves/pine needles my good neighbors gave me into the chicken yard this morning and the chickens are busily integrating them into their play space. I do so enjoy their work ethic, and I like listening to their contented little chicken singing as they go about their business.
Hope your day is filled with all kinds of goodness!
Hugs and kisses,


Thimbleanna said...

I'll bet having chickens is so fun! I'd spend my whole day out there watching them. And how cool your flower has finally bloomed -- now that's persistence!

Margaret said...

Watching the garden change from season to season is inspirational, thanks for the journey