Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Day

Yesterday, I had finished making the blocks for the new quilt and started laying it out on the dining room table.
At least I thought I was through making blocks. I discovered that I needed a few more, but I got those done pretty quickly.

Chloe is of the decided opinion that no quilt can be completed in any stage without her approval. I have the feeling that she was not altogether satisfied with my layout, because when I came back into the room later, she had completely rearranged it. Oh, brother!

Jack is totally uninterested.
Today I'll try to get the top sewn together. I'm still not back to normal (whatever that is). I will be so glad when I am over all this coughing.
Have a great day!
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Oh I just love how this is looking!

  2. It sure is a wonderful cat's life there at the Manor. I love the colors of your quilt.

  3. You know how much I love Chloe. I would steal her. The quilt is looking loved already.

  4. Boy, you're making great progress! Doesn't it drive you nuts when you think you're done and you're not? I ran out of fabric, just three blocks shy of the number I needed. Darn it! I hope you're getting better!

  5. Beautiful quilt! and beautiful cats of course! blessings,Kathleen

  6. Wow! What a beautiful quilt pattern. I love the colors. Chloe and Jack sure are lovely animals. I really enjoyed this posting.

  7. Those pussies are too cute. Mine are just the same when it comes to quilting. I"ve been coughing for 3 weeks now

  8. Ah, yes, I see. Chloe and Kitten are quilt sitters! Karmen


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