Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Spring

 This was taken this morning at our gate from the back yard looking into the front.  It almost looks like you're deep in the woods. 
But just another step to the left and you can see in this one that it's just our very own front yard.  The little tree on the left is our Meyer Lemon and if you click and enlarge, you can see lots of flowers.  The fragrance is beyond pretty, and I am hoping for lots and lots of lemons this year.  You may remember that I took extra care in covering this little baby in the cold of winter and that has really paid off in an abundance of flowers.  And the azalea on the right has just about finished its glorious bloom for another year.  There are only a couple of weeks that they bloom, but oh, they make up for the shortness of the bloom season with the abundance of the blooms.

We've got some mighty pretty dogwood showing off in several areas of the yard right now.  One of my neighbors gave me cuttings of hers several years ago after I admired it, and it has really taken off and proven itself worthy of ground space.

And these little native plum trees are just loaded with baby plums!  I'm hoping for enough to can some jam.

I finished sewing together the little blue one I've been working on, but it needs to grow quite a bit bigger.  Pondering on that and waiting for some fabric I've ordered to get here.

And here is another one I'm working on right now.  My little Janome does the best job of blanket stitching!  And it's a good thing, because my hand stitching is NOT all that!

I've got a fair number of the blocks done, just a few more, then trimming and on to the laying out.  I love seeing a quilt come together, don't you?

We have a lovely, slightly cool overcast day here today.  I love it.  We've already begun to get pretty warm here, so this is a nice change for us.

Hope your day is absolutely perfect!

Hugs and kisses,


Susan said...

What a fantastic job on that blue where you've taken it. And your blanket stitch is perfect...I still have to play with mine to get the right stitch length. Anymore I am doing it on machine rather than by hand for time's sake. I'm loving this spring weather too.

Annie said...

Love the look of those lemons. Enjoy Spring as we head into the lovely colours of Autumn

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Beautiful flowers and so good you are having good weather. It was warm here, but now we have taken on a cold spell. Love the blue quilt and the colors of the second quilt! blessings,Kathleen

Margaret said...

The blue quilt looks glacial, very cool, but of course will warm anyone up, it's looking good.
Lyn's March stitchery is on its way and should arrive by Monday.

I have been hand blanket stitching on a fun pin cushion I will make more than one as they were so easy to do. Makes us happy when we can see something coming together doesn;t it. Hugs and blessings friend Margaret.

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun sewing Elaine! Thanks for sharing your spring pictures -- it gives hope to those of us who are still freezing!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love that blue quilt and the other one. Your flowers are beautiful and what a lovely spring your are having at your home. I love the photos. Have a wonderful day.

Rhonda said...

Hi there, I've just found your blog and become a "FOLLOWER".
I love your blue project .... for some reason it reminds me of a spring rain.
Take care.

Kerri said...

The quilts are beautiful. I haven't finished a quilt for years.

I love the pics of your garden! I live in Oregon where it is raining, raining and cold still. My family knows that at this time of year I start threatening them with a move to Texas! Those pictures sure add fuel to the fire!