Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mail Goodness!

Would you just take a look at what I got in the mail today from DowntownHousewife!  I had a little email conversation with the lovely Megan (the downtown housewife) a while back and she so very kindly sent me this brand new pattern of hers.  I think this pattern is due to show up at Moda Bakeshop tomorrow. 

I have so many quilts to get made, several of them baby quilts, so this came at a really good time.  Thank you so much, Megan!  I wish you great success at your pattern writing and fabric design.  Hope to see you at Quilt Market.

In other quilting news, the Christmas quilt for my sister is still hanging around.  Unfinished.  Mocking me.

The little baby quilt is also hanging around.  Not mocking, just waiting.  I got more of it sewn together last night.

And no, having two unfinished quilts hanging right there in the sewing room did not hinder me in the least from putting up the beginnings of another one.

Nor did it stop me from getting the first few rows of this one sewn together.  What can I say?  I just have so many quilts in my head trying to get out all at once.  It's hard to control them sometimes.  LOL

Maybe, just maybe, the trouble is that I am too fond of muddling.  Could it be, do you think?

Oh, well, I'm having fun anyway.  And I am getting a fair amount done, just not always in the sequence I'd like.

Hope you're getting all that you want to do done, too!

Hugs and kisses,


Megan Frock said...

Thanks for your sweet words Elaine!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful! Bright and beautiful quilts will soon come! blessings,Kathleen

Oiyi said...

I know what you mean about having too many things you want to do. I always like starting, but not so much on the finishing some times.

Margaret said...

Muddling is better than the doldrums anyday.

Wonky Girl said...

Ah, not muddled- just a very creative mind.
Cannot wait to see finishes on quilts you shared.