Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nicest Things Come in the Mail Sometimes

Now, of course, the real wonder is that I thought to take a picture of this before I tore into it.  Is this not a gorgeous package?

A short while ago in one of my periodic attempts to shovel out organize my sewing room, I came across a book I had purchased long ago with line drawings, or motifs, of many things.  Much as I had dreamed that I might actually do some embroidery of some of those drawings, it just did not happen, and really never would.   I thought immediately of Kathleen.  She does such beautiful needlework, and while I know that she designs her own pieces I thought she might still enjoy at least seeing the book.  So I asked.  She did, and I sent it to her, receiving such a sweet email thanking me.  Then today I got this so attractive package in the mail from her.  Included was a much appreciated note that is now on my bulletin board where I can see it and be encouraged often.

And would you just look at this gorgeous hand towel she designed for me!  I was, and am, so touched.  This was a totally unexpected blessing for me.

  Kathleen is so talented and has an etsy shop where you can see more of her original and vintage designs.

Her stitches are just exquisite!  Thank you so much, Kathleen!  You made my day!

Speaking of days being made, Bruno's was this morning when I let him ride along with me to drop off a birthday card for a friend.  Doesn't he look like big stuff?  I assure you, he was very sure that he was exactly that!

I hope your day has had only good surprises and that you feel at least as happy as Bruno was this morning!

Hugs and kisses,


Karen said...

That's a lovely gift. What a wonderful way to show appreciation.
Love seeing Bruno in the car. Why is it that dogs love travelling up front so much? He sure is having a great time!

Nanette Merrill said...

What a beautiful package! Love it. You deserve a treat.