Monday, January 21, 2013

The Good with the Bad

Lady makes me laugh on a regular basis.  She is so fearless some of the time and runs to Daddy (Mr. Muddling) when a loud noise scares her.  She has absolutely no fear of the chickens, which is fair, because they are not afraid of her either.

I think she has decided that part of her duties include the oversight of chickens.
And when she and Bruno are sleeping so peacefully, it really does tend to make me forget all the times she makes me more than a little angry.  Think shoes no longer usable for a start.  That will teach me to put things where they belong!
Those are all good things though.  The bad was that we had to call an ambulance for Miss Ru last night.  She had gotten seriously dehydrated.  She is in the hospital now, and the really good news is that she already looks, feels and sounds SO much better!  Glory to God!  I am so thankful for His great mercy and goodness to us all.

Another really good thing was this Caesar salad at Saltgrass Steakhouse where Mr. Muddling and I had a late lunch after our hospital visit to take Ruthie some necessities.  Yes, we had steak, too - a really good thing!
I hope you are having only good things!
Hugs and kisses,


Sheila said...

So sorry to hear Miss Ru is in the hospital. I hope she will be well soon.
I so enjoy your pictures of Lady and Bruno.

Karen said...

Love seeing Lady in amongst the chickens. Especially love the photo of Lady and Bruno together.
Best wished to Miss Ru for a speedy recovery.

Thimbleanna said...

Little Lady looks so cute there among the chickens. I hope they'll still be friends when she hovers over them LOL. Sorry to hear about Miss Ru -- I hope she'll be feeling better soon!

Annie said...

My cats are the same with the chickens...

Nanette Merrill said...

How is Ruthie today? hopefully better. Dear mite. The pic of Lady and Bruno is precious. I have to tell you we had to "do in" our 11 chickens and rooster. They hadn't been laying now for 6 months and "the measure of their creation" was over. It pained Dave so much to do the deed. But that is life. We are getting new chicks next month. He did it humanely, at least I think it was the right thing to do.