Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We Have a Finish

It is a gloomy, rainy day here, so we will have to settle for an inside shot. I have finished this one, and my two quilting friends and I will add a few more and they will all be donated. 
There are so many fabrics in here that just make me smile. I hope they will do the same for those who use this quilt.
Here it is just after quilting and trimming. If you enlarge this photo, you will see that I just doodled all over with my longarm. It was fun, but not a professional effort by any means.
The backing is a simple red and green grid on cream and the binding is a green and white stripe.
This is my favorite view of freshly made quilts, after going through the washer and dryer, all crinkly and cuddly.
Since there was so much interest in my mult-colored egg laying chickens last time, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of their latest efforts. Aren't they pretty!
And yes, Lady is recovering nicely. That item on the left is a flexible Elizabethan collar, designed to keep dogs from biting parts of their body that have been medically treated. If you zoom in on it, you will note that she has done a bit of chewing on IT!  You might also note that she is playing this invalid role to the hilt.
But look at that face. How could you resist spoiling her? Mr. Muddling surely can not! (I'm guilty, too.) We are both just so thankful that she is doing so well. And that it was not worse.
Of course, I started playing around on the design wall. I thought I wanted to make some of these blocks Wanda told about here.  She gives a tutorial on making the blocks and several ways to use them. I wanted a simple project and I thought I would just put them together randomly.

But, no, I decided I wanted more of a zig and a zag running where you could see it. Still not right.

More cutting.
Yes. This is more like it. I've added those few missing blocks in now and done a little more rearranging, though I didn't get a photo, and I will probably get them all put together tonight. Then we'll see about some borders.
As I said earlier in this post, it is not a pretty day out there today, so I have been very glad I did not have to go out in it. 

I have a friend who is in her late eighties. Her husband, a really sweet man,  moved off to heaven and left her several years back. She told me once that she liked to tell people she was a kept woman. She did not work outside the home, but kept it always running to please her husband and care for their children. She said that her husband had "kept" her very well all those years! I like that.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and finding plenty to keep you happy.

Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

Such a happy quilt! It just makes me smile. And your new project looks really fun too!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your finish is beautiful. There is nothing prettier than a scrap quilt - love the variety.

Eggs - reminds me of having to pack 30 doz. a few times as a teenager, getting ready to trade them for groceries.

I love the colors in your zig zag!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your finished quilt is so sweet ... what a blessing it will be to someone. And your zig zag quilt is so sunny ... a happy quilt for sure. And glad to hear that Lady is recovering nicely.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Elaine, I really LOVE this one! The colors are all so great. I just love the internet -- I see fabrics put together everyday that I would be too afraid to try, but they look perfect together! And Lady is one very lucky dog -- she looks so cute all bundled up!

Wonky Girl said...

Yay for finishes, especially pretty ones like this. Glad to see Lady is healing nicely, being spoilt helps lots so keep it up :-)
Our old chickens are laying like mad. Must be this false spring we are enjoying.

Empty Closet Quilting said...

What a wonderful finish, and your zigzag is so cheerful! You must be just tickled!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Loved the sentiment of your 80 year old friend. That is sweet. Love that pretty quilt!! I had to catch up and read about Lady and am so glad that she is getting better! Pretty eggs makes raising chickens so wonderful!

Karen S said...

Great finish on that lovely quilt. It is wonderful with all those different fabrics. And I Like the quilting your have done, too.
So good to see Lady recovering well. And how smart are those chooks!!
Your zig zags have grown very quickly!!

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful finish as always. You are a true inspiration. I haven't been doing any quilting this winter but i'm sure enjoying my beautiful gift. Thanks again dear friend and God Bless. Hugs and much love, xo