Saturday, January 23, 2016

Springtime in January

Several months ago my sister asked me to make a quilt for her sister in law who had just lost her husband, the love of her life, after a wrenching battle with cancer. 

The only problem for me was that she wanted me to make it in pastels. Pale pastels, with white sashing. I tried. And to be perfectly honest I wasn't feeling it.
I had the brilliant idea to add in some slightly darker fabrics and alternate them with the white blocks.
Much better!

All soft and crinkly, fresh from the washer and dryer.

The backing is a very sweet pink flannel, and the binding is more of the white on white that is the outer border.

And you know what? I like it! I really believe she will feel the love, not only of me but of my sister and her husband (who is her brother), and more importantly of our God, the God of all comfort.

I am so thankful I can do this little thing called quilting to help and to bless others!

I hope you are staying safe and warm (or cool if you're in the Southern hemisphere!). 

Hugs and kisses,


  1. That still is very pastel and I think you took the right path in the design. I'm sure she will feel the love.

  2. Wow! That is really pretty! You just gave me my first tinge of wanting spring!

  3. It's absolutely beautiful. You were right. It needed the darker pastels for contrast. Beautifully quilted. Soft and cuddly. I'm sure it will bring her warmth, comfort and love.

  4. I understand how hard it is when you're not working with your own colours. You have done a great job. I will post more pictures of my amazing hot house...I'm very excited about it.

  5. Another beauty Elaine - I LOVE it! You have a wonderful eye for color!!!

  6. Very beautiful quilt. She will feel the love and hugs from it.

  7. How beautiful and I know she'll love it so much. You always amaze me with all of your quilts. Hugs and Love, xo

  8. This is a lovely result. You have created a wonderful effect with the way you have used the colours and the white. I do enjoy seeing how you solve a problem.

  9. Such lovely soft colors. The quilt turned out beautifully. What a lovely gift of love.

  10. That's gorgeous, and I'm sure it's comforting.


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