Saturday, January 21, 2017


The Christmas Dancing Nine Patch quilt is finished! Matter of fact, it is now on our bed. And yes, I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I just don't care. I like it! Buddy inspected it, and it  passed his rigorous examination. 

I was sewing the binding on it yesterday while watching the inauguration. It is the first one I have watched all the way through. Really enjoyed most of it. I hope our country will come together now and start to heal and forgive each other. 

This beautiful lady is our pastor. Last weekend we introduced her to these two little girls belonging to Mr. Muddling's brother and his sweet darling wife. Perhaps you can tell by that look on her face, that it was love at almost first sight. Boo and Bella now live in her house! I've been enjoying her postings to Facebook all week detailing their investigation and conquer of their new domain. So glad they are all happy!

We've had a lot of rain here and it's still pretty soggy outside. Buddy occasionally likes to see what is going on out there, and because he can - he does! I do love this dog!

I've cut back a lot of my outside plants that were damaged in the freeze we had here a couple of weeks ago. There will have to be new additions to the landscape and I'm looking forward to that when the danger of more freezing weather is past.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend full of things that make you happy. I am so thankful for the many things in my life that do that for me!

Hugs and kisses,


Sheila said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Buddy is standing and looking outside like a little kid. I'm sure Boo and Bella are going to a loving home.
Mother and I watched the inauguration all the way through, too. We though the address was one of hope, peace, unity and love. It was comforting to hear our President talk about GOD and country.

Karen S said...

A wonderful finish on your Christmas quilt. It looks so cheerful. Love that you have it on your bed now regardless of Christmas being over. That is good fun.
Buddy looks like he is enjoying watching over his outside world.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I can see why you want that beautiful quilt on our bed right now!!

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful quilt and like you I don't care if Christmas is gone I love keeping my Christmas quilts on the bed longer to enjoy. We've had quite a bit of much needed rain as well. I'd rather see rain than snow. Buddy reminds e of a child wanting to go outside and play. Love and Blessings.

Thimbleanna said...

Another beauty Elaine!!! I've given up on the national healing thing -- people just aren't going to let it go LOL!!! Such a sweet picture of your pastor and her new pups!

Mary Perez said...

love it mama

Wonky Girl said...

Oh, I sure like that Christmas Quilt. My one and only Christmas Quilt is still out too. I do enjoy photos of the process, especially when you are sewing on a fun vintage machine. Your pastors wife looks very happy cuddling her two new pups, love seeing that. So, is Buddy one of those "forever puppies" ? Very fun having one around isn't it ?