Friday, October 26, 2018

It Started Out Very Simply

Our niece's boyfriend asked me to make a quilt for him back in December when they visited from Arizona. I knew that he would be overseas until this month so I was not in a big hurry.

As is frequently the case, time flew and it was October and no quilt! He wanted one in his university's colors - red, black and yellow. I thought about it off and on all this time and never quite decided what I wanted to do. 
Then suddenly it came to me - a half square triangle design, one that I've made lots of times and loved every single time. After that, I put my trusty Accuquilt Go! Cutter to work and cut those triangles out of lots of different mostly batik fabrics. Then up on the design wall it went. 
And before you knew it, it was on the quilt frame ready to quilt.

And here it is a finished quilt. 
Always my favorite shot - all cuddly and crinkly after a trip through the washer and dryer. I hope he likes it a lot. It will be headed to him tomorrow.

Now, I've started work on something that I am NOT enjoying at all. A friend asked me to quilt SEVEN quilt tops that belong to another friend of ours which were made by her mother and grandmother. They are not in the best of condition. This one is the best of the lot. 
It has taken me all week to get it to this stage. It is fully as long as all that batting hanging down there. I've decided this is not something I ever want to do again. Not fun. Possibly because I am once again having to use my walker. You can see part of its wheel there in the lower right. I'm seeing a surgeon on Tuesday. Knee replacements for both knees seems to be in my future. I've fought it long and hard, but. Enough is enough. We'll see what the doctor says.

Mr. Muddling and I went today for early voting. We found a new place to go where the lines were not quite so long. Seems there are a lot of motivated voters out there!

It is a beautiful day here, has been all day. I am so thankful to see sunshine again and to have a forecast of several days to dry out! We've had an abundance of rain.

I hope things are going well in your corner of the world. With all its challenges, life is still good and I am forever grateful for this life I live. Especially thankful for Mr. Muddling, the love of my life!

Hugs and kisses,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Simple quilts with lots of variety of fabrics are the most fun. He should love it!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh dear -- I'm really sorry to hear about your knees Elaine! Hubby had his done a few years ago and sailed through it -- I hope it will be as easy for you. And, another beautiful quilt -- lucky boyfriend!!!

Karen S said...

Great result with the HST quilt. It is wonderful when inspiration hits at the right time and you can jump right in.
Looks like those extra quilts are going to cause a few problems along the way. Hope you can get on top of them without too much grief.
As for the knees!!!! GET THEM DONE!!!! You know my hubby had both knees fully replaced at the start of the year, 6 weeks apart. He honestly wishes he had not waited and had done it sooner. He recovered so well that we travelled around Germany for 3 weeks in July and we walked everywhere. He had no pain and kept up with everything we did. It is definitely worth doing. Good luck.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How beautiful! He will be so proud to get such a lovely quilt. The problematic one still looks very pretty! Bless your heart......hope you can get your knees "fixed" soon!

Susie Swanson said...

He'll love that one. So pretty and I love the simple ones best. Hope all is well with you. Been praying for you. Blessings and Love.

Sheila said...

He is going to love his quilt! Beautifully quilted. Guys love quilts : )
I'm sorry to hear about your knees, dear. Had a friend that had the knee replacement surgery and she was VERY pleased.