Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry, Thimbleanna!

Sorry, Anna, I can't help you. Thimbleanna is lamenting her addiction to making yoyo's. I am somewhat in remission at the moment, but that's only because I haven't been on a road trip lately.

See, here are my little boxes patiently waiting on top of my bookcase.
I have this little kit that I take with me. It has the fabric squares, the yoyo makers in two sizes, needles, thread, scissors - ready to go.
Then, when the yoyo's are made, I have another little box to put them in, because I like to look at them. (And yes, that's Chloe's head you see peeking out under the table. She's everywhere.)
I gave away Mr. Bunny here in a Toy Society drop. I've wanted one of these yoyo toys for a long time. Don't ask. I just did. Anyway I made him, and then I thought about how much some anonymous someone in the hospital would enjoy him, so I bagged him up, along with a little note and left him for someone to find. I truly hope he found a good home.
Here's hoping all your addictions are ones that will benefit someone! I am just a trifle addicted to quilting, too (in case you hadn't noticed), but most of the quilts I make are given away. I often start out making a quilt for our home, but then at some point I just "know" who it is really supposed to belong to, and then I finish it up with that person in mind. And I like to pray for that person as I finish their quilt.
Hugs and kisses,


Thimbleanna said...

You're such a sweetheart Elaine! And oh my! I'm thinking you need more help than I do LOL! I have that bunny pattern -- hopefully after my yoyo quilt, I'll make it!

Miri said...

Ha! Great minds think alike-I just took pictures of my yo-yo "stash" to blog about! I too keep it on the side-for the pool, etc. but its been 9 ! years-I think I need to get working.

I love the yo-yo doll!