Thursday, November 29, 2018

Almost the End of November

This was at one time a full bushy plant. But. Chickens. I put this "protector" around it and I have one lone little flower. It's not that they want to eat the plant, they just enjoy digging all around them until they die. 
I wanted to show that a few of the yellow angel trumpets are still blooming.

But lest you think all is well and happy with the plant, here's how the rest of it looks! Our time to enjoy these flowers is fast drawing to a close here in Houston until next year.
As you can see, there are a few hardy souls still glowing and growing out there. And of course chickens! I do love them, even though they frequently frustrate my gardening ambitions.
I am still doing a little sewing. I decided I needed to make another red quilt for our bed. I've actually made a little more progress since then. I have the first twelve vertical rows sewn together, labeled and taken down off the wall. It could get finished before my knee surgery next month. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I am so thankful for my African violets in the kitchen window, blooming and making me smile every time I see them.

And you know I'm really thankful for Buddy. He is a continual delight to me.

Mr. Muddling is taking good care of me and spoiling me unmercifully, and I love it! I am a blessed woman.

Life is till good. God is still on the throne. And I'm still believing for good things for us all!

Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Adventures in Muddle Land

I worked on this very old quilt top, made by a friend's mother, grandmother, or maybe both. We're not sure. 

It is a big quilt. My friend Tracey had done the washing and some of the prep work on the quilts, and I found a backing and got this one quilted. I had to return the others. With knee surgery looming and lots slower movement on my part, I'm just not "there" for that kind of project right now. The mutual friend we're doing this for was unaware I had planned to quilt them, and Tracey was very understanding about my failure to complete the mission.

I had loaded a piece of men's shirting for her to try out the quilt machine when she came over, and though she was a little hesitant to play with it much, she did manage to spell her name! I thought she might enjoy a mug rug made from it, so I played with it a little and will get it in the mail to her this week.

We may have some slight freezing weather this week, but for now I'm really enjoying these beautiful hibiscus outside the office window. I also enjoy that bird feeder. We have quite a parade of them some days.

I found this little mug warmer on Amazon and ordered it. I have to say, I love it! It is so nice not to have my coffee or tea get cold before I finish it. You just plug it in and it keeps the hot drink hot!

I've been making lots of 4-patches from two inch strips. So far I have over 300 of them. It's a nice little game for me to play and I can take my time. 

Sewing has been a real blessing to me for a lot of years now. It has helped me process many things that happened that I had absolutely no control over. Somehow it helps to work on something that will behave pretty well if you do it as you should!

I hope you've had a really good weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead. With all its many and varied challenges, life is still good, and God is till on the throne.

Hugs and kisses,