Friday, May 26, 2017

A Quilt for Christopher

Christopher is the grandson of a friend of ours. He has made some poor choices in his life and is in the midst of a real battle for his health and sanity. Our church has been praying for him. A lot. I decided to make a quilt for him, too, as a tangible reminder that people care about him. 

This was a quick one to make because I had the components already in hand. The whirlygig or windmill or whatever you choose to call it block is one that I learned to make from the wonderful Wanda of Exuberant Color . I had made those from leftover fabrics from rail fence block quilts I had cut a while back. I also had the sixteen patch blocks already, because that is one of the things I like to sew just to sew. (Sometimes I just want to sew, and not think at all. I keep a big bin of 2 1/2 inch squares by my sewing machine for that purpose.)

The inner border is a 2 inch solid blue and the outer border is 5 inches. The  binding is the same blue fabric and the backing is this wild zig zag flannel. 

Also completed recently is this little orange peel experiment. I will not even claim that it is well done, but I wanted to see how the Go! die worked for that block. Not bad. It fits exactly on a 5 inch square. I used an iron on bonding and zig zagged around the edges.

For those who are curious about how the chicks are coming along, I can only tell you that I waste entirely too much time being entertained by them! Seriously, they are hilarious. 
This picture was taken on the May 18th, and you can see they've already got quite a few of their feathers.

This is a week later. Can you tell that they are already bigger and with more feathers? Exciting times!

My little wild Chloe has evolved over the years she has lived here to a much more sociable kitty. Her affection is still doled out on her terms and at her whim, but it is still good. She makes me laugh!

Buddy and I went for a walk on Tuesday. I snapped this photo on our way back into the driveway.  Don't you love the crepe myrtles "dripping" there!  The mimosa tree on the left is so pretty, too, and the fragrance is wonderful.

There is so much in this wide world for which to be thankful, isn't there? I often think to myself, like Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World"!

Friday, May 12, 2017


I DO finally have a finish. This is actually a bonus finish! It's one of the leftover blocks from this quilt, which I quilted to make a little tv tray mat. My take on Kathy Doughty's Vintage Spin was so much fun. I may seriously have to make another one.

This is the quilt I finally finished. I got stalled on it somehow and put it aside for awhile. But now it is finished and I have to say I like it!  It will be going to our nephew. 

The backing is a tone on tone and the binding is a fun orange "space" fabric. Both are from Connecting Threads.

There are fun fabrics in it that make me smile.
And plenty of pretty ones, too. Lots to see and enjoy. I think he will like it!

Speaking of see and enjoy  - here are a few pictures of our baby chicks. They arrived last Thursday and it has been really hard not to spend too much time out there enjoying their antics! They are growing so fast and have already begun to get their wing and tail feathers. 
The picture on the upper left is the little box they traveled in, and the next two are soon after they moved into their much larger quarters. The one on the lower right is today and you can see if you click on the picture to enlarge it that they have changed quite a bit in just a week. Exciting stuff!
And lots to see and do outside, too. It's no wonder I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done! I do love this time of year when everything is doing its best to show off the prettiest blooms. 
Oh, and the lower left photo is our neighbor Midnight "helping" me tie up cucumber plants. The yarn was just too much for him to resist!

I hope there is plenty going on in your corner of the world that is making you happy. Because. The Lord has given us a lot that is good, even when it looks like bad might be winning!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, May 1, 2017

If only

If only I could say that there is something complete. But alas, there is not. I had hope with this little half square triangle quilt top, but somehow I managed to measure the border incorrectly, so after some ripping I am ready to make another run at it.

Isn't it funny? I had a totally different two border fabrics in mind, ironed and ready to cut, but then, they just weren't right. I think these two are. Now, if I can just get it all sewn together it might actually get finished!

On a much more positive note, my good friend Deb (AKA Wonky Girl) sent me these three very pretty pieces of fabric. Thank you Deb! You are a blessing to me, and to whomever gets the quilts where these fabrics eventually go to live. It will be fun for me to find the perfect project for these happy fabrics!

So, what, you may ask, is it that has kept me busy? Working in the yard, which is slowly but surely coming back under control, and cleaning the garage. Where does all that STUFF come from??? We had to get the garage cleaned, because this week there will be a delivery of some little feathered creatures. I know I said no more chickens, but ...... I want more, and Mr. Muddling delights to give me what I want! Got to love him! And I do.

Our neighbors gave us this little kiddie pool and Mr. Muddling built a wire enclosure for it.

Now there is sheeting draped around it to keep it warm and cosy and a light for warmth. We have the food and water dispensers ready to fill when they get here.

I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, there are lots of really pretty things blooming and growing and producing. The picture should enlarge when you click on it. At the very bottom, second from the right you may be able to see the orchid blooms. I can hardly believe it, but almost two months later - they are still holding on to those beautiful flowers. 

I'm giving a try to putting some of the outside flowers, annuals, in pots this year so I can move them around. I am really loving looking out this office window and seeing all those flowers in bloom!

I hope you are happy and healthy and living in joyful expectation of more good things to come!

Hugs and kisses,