Monday, March 20, 2017

Pinwheels and 36-Patches

I finished this little lap size quilt today. I should have finished it last week, 

but bad things happened. The thing is, I knew something was wrong, but I just ignored it. I do know better, and it cost me a couple of hours to rip out all those stitches.

Up to that point, it had gone together really quickly. I sew 2 1/2 inch squares together all the time as in between sewing, or when I just want to sew something. I had a stack of 16 patches I had put together from those squares.

All I had to do then was add two 4-patches to the bottom of the 16-patch and another three 4-patches to the side, which made a 36-patch block. The 36-patch block is the same size as a pinwheel made with Jenny Doan's method of sewing two 10 inch squares of contrasting fabric together, directions here. (She is making hers with 5 inch squares, but I made mine with 10 inch squares.)

I used another of the big backing fabrics I bought recently from Marshall Dry Goods on the back and also for the binding. Here it is after its run through the washer and dryer in all its crinkly wonderfulness! This one will go to the USO Lounge at our local airport. It's about time to make a delivery there, as a matter of fact. I'd just like to add a child's quilt or two. They like to have those on hand for little ones to nap on while parents are waiting for a flight.

Lots of pretty stuff out in the back yard, and inside - the purple orchid opened its third bloom!
It's a beautiful sunny day here today. I was working out in the vegetable garden this morning. I may get out in the flower garden soon. There is always so much to be done, and I do love playing in the dirt!
I hope you're having a really good week and finding plenty to make you happy and thankful!
Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Rail Fence - Purple This Time

Now that this one is complete, I'll show the front! This one was so much fun to make, it just about made itself. Don't you love it when all the components for a quilt just come together perfectly? That's what happened here. At least I think it is pretty well perfect! 

I bought this purple backing fabric from Marshall Dry Goods. It is one of the 108 inch wide backing prints, and I have to say I'm impressed with the quality. Plus, I'm lazy enough sometimes to enjoy a backing that didn't have to be pieced!

This was the start of making this one. I chain pieced all the rail fence pieces into blocks. It was fast!

And now for some really good news. I took Buddy to the vet Friday for his final heartworm checkup. He is totally clear! I am so happy and so thankful. God is good!

The little purple orchid now has two blooms, and there is another bud yet to open! 

We've had rain today, but I got twelve tomato plants set out in our little garden last evening, so they should have a good start! The rain has stopped now and the sun is peeping through.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sweet Little Rail Fence Baby Quilt

This little quilt made its way to a baby boy born on Friday! The baby shower for his mom took place on Saturday, but since she and the impatient little man who had decided to come early were still in the hospital, they were not able to attend. The quality of this photo is not great, it was a cloudy, rainy day. 

This picture is before it was trimmed and bound, and you can see the colors a little better. The backing is a solid blue soft flannel. It should be big enough for young Daniel Roy to enjoy for some years to come. He is already a charmer from the pictures we've seen. 

This is a teaser of the stack of purple strips I showed in my last post all sewn together, but from the "wrong" side.  I ended up swapping one of the strip sets for a different fabric I think works better with the others. I'll post again soon with the completed project, just have to get the binding sewn on!

We've had some very nice Spring weather here lately. There's been rain, but not excessively, just exactly what the slowly coming back to life again plants and flowers crave. One of orchids inside has decided to come into bloom, too. There's Chloe inspecting it in the center right photo. Cats always have to be a part of everything, don't they? If you look on the bottom left, you'll see our neighbor's cat overseeing Marilyn (our last remaining chicken) at her work in the garden. Thank God, there's always something to laugh about around here!
Speaking of which, I must show you this shot of Buddy. He was patiently keeping watch over me, but got so tired, he had to lean against that door frame to hold his head up! I do love that dog!

Mr. Muddling and I have almost recovered from an unpleasant little upper respiratory thing that dared to attack us over the past week. We are both SO glad to be back feeling good again!

I hope you've had a good week, with plenty of things to make you laugh and make you happy!

Hugs and kisses,