Friday, November 10, 2017

Under the Sea

I finished this one this week, and I'm calling it Under the Sea. So much fun to make and FAST!  Jordan Fabrics has posted some really good video tutorials lately and this is one of them. I bought the main fabric from them. So pretty!!!

Mr. Muddling claimed this one for himself, and with all he puts up with from me - I think he deserves it!  I used a fleece fabric for the backing. That's it on the right above. I would have never thought he would like this, but he's the one who chose it and it is perfect! He's turned into a very good quilt adviser!

I learned about using fleece for a backing from Jordan Fabrics years ago. The first quilt I did this on was back in 2011. I had a bit of trouble with it and complained about it, but all these years later it is still on my favorite chair and used every day. Matter of fact I bought that first fleece from Jordan's, too!

The little green egg in the lower right is the first from our latest batch of chicks!  The top left picture is the view from the office looking out at the chicken yard. Because you know I like chickens!  As you can see on the right, Miss Lady is enjoying the new quilt in Daddy's lap already. Buddy and the bowl of chili made it into the collage just because. Life is good!

I've had what to me is very good news. I had been told by my primary care doctor that I would have to have knee replacements from both my knees due to arthritis.  After looking at a video of that actual process, I decided I'd rather not.  I saw an orthopedic sports doctor last week and she told me we could work on avoiding that! I had a cortisone injection in each knee and the relief was immediate.  I'm now back in physical therapy and with their help I fully intend to regain my strength and mobility. God is good and I am so thankful!

It is a beautiful day here today and there are always so many things to enjoy. I do hope you are finding some of them where you are!

Hugs and kisses,