Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pumpkin Quilt

Here is my pumpkin quilt, finished and tempting one to crawl under it on the swing on our patio.

I do like it so much! Considering that I just pretty much made it up as I went along (muddling, you know) it turned out well! I believe this is the first autumnal quilt I've made deliberately. Of course, here in Houston, Autumn goes by before you've had a chance to notice it most years. We've had some cooler weather this week, but right now the sun is shining and it is quite warm and pleasant outside.

As you can see from these photos everything is still lush and green. And there may have been scones baked. And eaten. Maybe.

I ran across this picture of Lady, Mr. Muddling's baby girl. They are so funny. And she is absolutely sure he cannot get along without her!

Buddy is doing very well.. We have an appointment with the vet on Monday and we'll see what he thinks. The surgery/wound is almost totally closed now. We are still putting the cone on him at night. He hates it. BUT, we do not want any more "accidents"!

It is so peaceful and lovely here today. It is hard to imagine all the strife and turmoil going on in the world around us. I am so thankful for this little piece of heaven on earth the Lord has allowed us to enjoy.

I do hope it is peaceful and beautiful where you are and that you are having lots of fun!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Beautiful Autumn

We had some much needed rain this week, but now we are back to glorious fall weather. Not cool, but still pleasant early and late.

I've started playing with watercolors. Muddling, as usual, but still - it's fun!

I am still making the maple leaf and 25-patch blocks.

I am also making some pumpkin blocks, very simple machine applique.

They will go in between these 49-patch blocks. I originally made these thinking I would use them with the maple leaf blocks. Silly me. These blocks are 2 inch blocks, and the maple leaf has 2 1/2 inch elements. Sometimes my muddling works, and sometimes it just morphs into another project. But it's still fun and I still get to play with some very pretty fabric!
My Buddy was a very naughty boy. He chewed the surgery area, taking out all the stitches. This made another surgery necessary. He now wears a cone at all times that our eyes are not on him. The vet also gave him some medication to help with the pain, and that makes it easier for everyone. No word yet on the biopsy, and I am not pushing for information yet. We are changing the dressings every three days, and he is also on a pretty strong antibiotic. I feel so sorry for him. And he is such a good boy. Most of the time.

What's going on in your world? I do hope you're enjoying yourself and having some fun. It helps!

Hugs and kisses,