Thursday, February 28, 2008


Spring just keeps cropping up in all the usual places, and it's wonderful! The blackberry bushes in the back yard are starting to bloom, and leaves are coming out on more and more shrubs and trees.

My sweetie will have a little extra time next week to help and we'll try to get the yard in shape for all the new growth.

The days are starting to get a little longer and warmer, even though it is still cool at night. My favorite weather!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Links - Past, Present and Future

If you really want to induce some droolage in your life, check out Flower Garden's post today. Some of the most beautiful flowers in her yard, and the quilt she's been working on is just gorgeous. Serious drooling going on here!

My kind neighbor has just brought over some flour sack towels she included in one of her orders for me. So I have another project:). We're going to embroider some of Alicia Paulson's dish towels. I do not know how Miss Posie Gets Cosy keeps coming up with all those wonderful projects, but I sure am glad she does!

This little pile of sweetness needs ironing, but is some of the things I've held on to from people who've been a part of my life. I like to think of these women putting the tiny stitches in so carefully and crocheting and tatting with love in every stitch. It comforts me that these bits of handiwork have survived for so many years, and I hope that some of what I do will also last and bring comfort to those I love.

It's a beautiful day here, and we're about to go and get out in it!

Have a wonderful day.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Monkee Stuff

I love mail - and this Monkee Stuff is really great!

A while back Monkee Maker posted about a young girl who needs help getting medical attention. Her way to help was to hold a raffle. I had so hoped to win the gorgeous silver back gorilla for a modest donation, but alas, it was not to be. I did, however, win the perfectly adorable monkey pencil tin above! Yea!!!!

Seriously, it was a joy to help - even a little bit. I know what it's like to fight for the medical help your child needs.

This is the view from my kitchen window. Kind of sad, but if you look very closely, you can see there are some pretty little flowers growing in that corner! Spring is on its way, thank God!

Have a great evening.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Changes - Some Good, Some Not So Good

These pretty little blooms are on the trellis outside our front door. They are Carolina Jessamine and wonderfully fragrant. The bees are LOVING them!

And while you can not begin to get an idea of how pretty this looks right now, it is a redbud tree in our front yard. The blooms are not really red, more of a dark pink, but still a reliable messenger that spring is really here, and as I look out the window the bright flowers in the midst of a gray day are really cheering.

On a much sadder note, our wonderful daughter-in-law's father slipped away to heaven early Saturday morning. It's been very hard for her and her sisters. He was a wonderful Daddy, and will be much missed. My prayers are with them all.

Some of these pretty little cupcakes (and some more with green frosting that I never got pictures of) went to help feed the family after the funeral.

It's rather an odd custom we have, of gathering the family of one who has departed this life to share a meal together after a funeral, but it's also very life-affirming at the same time. Life does go on, and we must be fed.

Hug your loved ones!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Lemon Tree

Speaking of dirt therapy, I found an Improved
Meyer Lemon tree at Wal Mart on Friday.
I just had to buy it. I brought it right home
and put it in the ground. It looks happy. Now,
I'll just have to believe that it will have lots
and lots of beautiful lemons!

7 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by Anna of "Thimbleanna" fame ( to tell seven weird things
about myself. While I am really sure there are a lot
more than seven, here are seven that occur to me right
off the bat:

1. I like chickens. While I do not idealize them (they are some of the meanest creatures I know and I definitely would not want to be in their vicinity if I were smaller than they are) I do admire their industry. They are always "working", doing something, and they make the best compost in the world.

2. I like my dog. He is my next-best friend. My husband is my best friend.

3. I like "dirt therapy". There's not much wrong in my life that can't be cured by getting my hands in the dirt. Hence the sorry state of my nails.

4. I'd rather be home with my family than anywhere else in the world.

5. I enjoy being alone. I also like being with other people, but I do require periods of solitude. If that means that I have to stay up till two or three in the morning to get that solitude, I'll do it.

6. I have umpteen projects all going at once. But among my bloggy friends, this is probably not all that weird.

7.I seldom use a recipe. I have a LOT of cookbooks, but the recipes in them are usually just jumping off places. I'll bet you can tell which ones I use a lot.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tutorial for Card Case/Wallet

As promised, here is my tutorial for the little card case/wallet that I gave away in the last Bloggy Giveway.

My method is extremely simple. I use 4" fabric squares. As you can see in the layout below, I've got six squares and one 2" X 4" piece of interfacing.

Lay the square you've chosen for one of your outer pieces right side up. Then take another square and fold it in half. Layer it over the first piece with the fold to the middle of the first square.

Now, fold your next square in half and layer it, again with the fold to the middle of the first square, on top of the first folded layer.

Now another square, folded and layered.

And then another.

Next, place your remaining fabric square, right side down, on top of all previous layers.

Then place the piece of interfacing at the top, where there are only two layers of fabric.

Begin sewing slightly above the folded fabrics in the middle of the square. Reinforce this area by going back a forth a couple of times for strength.
Continue sewing around the square close to the edges, ending just after you turn the last corner. Again, reinforce stitching by going back and forth a few times.
Now, go over stitching again, and then zig zag so it won't ravel. Clip corners.
Now for the hardest part of the whole process: turn it right-side out! Take your time and try not to stretch the opening as you turn.

Then press your case, add whatever closure you choose (I used a ring snap that attaches with a tool), and you're done.

These are so unbelievably easy to make. They do make nice gifts and everyone seems to like them.
Hope you have fun with this!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I made this little notepad holder last night. I just love how this turned out - love the chicken on the front a lot.

I've been trying to get started on a quilt top, been working away - but mostly I've just given myself a headache . This is what I've got so far, but I've a long way to go.

Lots to do today, and I've got to get our taxes done, too, and soon!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine's Pin

Hello! I've been missing for a few days due to a nasty cold someone foisted on me, but thank God, it's gone now. Oh, it is so good to feel good again!

I've been playing around a little with making things:

I just sewed a safety pin on the back of this, and now I have a brand new pin ready to wear to celebrate Valentine's Day!

It is a beautiful day here today, the sun is shining and it's cool again. I think I'll have to go outside and play in the dirt :).

Have a great day!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

And the winner is.......

Janice J. is the winner of my first giveaway! Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. It's been a great experience for me. And I hope the rest of you all won something on another blog!

It's been a beautiful day here in many ways. We had family visit and I got to see our new grand-niece for the very first time. She is beautiful!

This is my baby sister's first grandchild, and she is a doting grandmother!

Have a great weekend.