Thursday, July 15, 2021

What Can I Say

First of all, I finally finished this Maple Leaf/25 Patch quilt. I feel like I was working on it forever. I got tired of it several times, but eventually got it out again and got it done at last. I do love it. I knew I would. As you can see, it is  " Buddy Approved"!
I have fallen in love with the reproduction prints from so many wonderful talented designers, but Kim Diehl's fabrics more than most, just seem to glow.

I put these little blocks at the end of one of the quilts I finished recently on the same backing and batting. I do love efficiency, don't you?

I got the Accuquilt Go! Snowball die recently and I wanted to give it a try. The first picture is with all the corners the burgundy, but that did not do it for me, so I alternated light and dark corners and that made another design element in the quilt.. The same burgundy fabric is on the back and a Kim Diehl print for binding. This one will go to a dear friend of ours with whom we had lost touch over the years.

Ruthie's (and now our) friend Dawn always sends flowers for Christmas and for Ruthie's birthday. She lives in London. Aren't they pretty and isn't she a sweetheart!

I had to buy this little black sheep. Had to. He fits in so nicely with the rest of my cheering section while I'm taking a break with a nice hot cuppa tea. And he is extremely snuggly if you need a hug. Which I sometimes do.

Meanwhile, we have been having more rain, so many days. Vegetation loves it. Until it doesn't. There are snails all over the gardens munching (or whatever they do other than slime) way too many of our plants. Lower left, second from left. That's Dinah on the left. She is a menace. The top row center is a lovely spider web. I see them at night in different locations. Buddy and I usually go out last thing at night to look around. He's pretty sure there is some kind of varmint out there he needs to crunch.

I have been busy, and I have accomplished a good bit, but blogging was definitely not one of those things. I will try to do better.

I do hope you are well and happy and accomplishing all you wish!

Hugs and kisses,