Friday, May 29, 2020

Two Finishes

The quilt is finished! It is a little too heavy to be on the bed right now, but you know I had to see how it looked.
It looks pretty happy.
As I said earlier, this is a quilt design and a free pattern from Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics. I really like the little extra detail she added to the borders on all four sides. It was a very easy pattern and went together quickly.
Right now it is living on our sofa in the den. I just like looking at it!
Project number two is the little fabric panel wall hanging. It seemed like time to get the Valentine hanging down and put up a new one. I just quilted a very simple design and put it up. Seems perfect for summertime.
More sunshine is the plumeria flowers in a pot on the front. And the chrysanthemums. 
What I really like about the plumeria is that you can just pull it out of the pot before it freezes every year and let it rest in the garage, or someplace where it will not get too cold. Come springtime, put it in fresh potting soil and it will leaf up soon.
We have had lots of rain this week, but it seems to be over for now. So back to the heat!
I hope you are having feelings of completion and happiness. This is a beautiful world the Lord has given us.
Hugs and kisses,

Friday, May 22, 2020

So Thankful!

I've been enjoying taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.. A lot. There are so many things going on in this world that try to worry me. But I absolutely refuse to worry. I choose to think about the many good things we have instead.

Here is a glimpse into the world at Muddle Manor. It has somehow turned into Summer around here, but morning and evening are still bearable.
 Did you know that if you plant the bottom of an onion instead of pitching it into the garbage green onion shoots will appear? That's one in the middle on the left. I just stuck  it into a flower pot. Free food!
Aren't the flowers and vegetable garden gorgeous! I do so love it! And I am so thankful.

I have that quilt from last post on the quilting machine. Hopefully I will finish the quilting today. It has undergone lots of design changes along the way, but that's what makes quilting fun, isn't it?

This beautiful blue butterfly wandered into the little greenhouse in the back yard a little over a week ago. It stayed inside there for three days and the fourth day it was gone. I have no idea why it was there or what it was doing. I do not close the greenhouse now since it's so hot, so it could have flown away at any time.
I was thinking. I know, always a dangerous thing! How often have I permitted myself to stay in a situation that was not what it should have been when the door was open all the time?

I hope you are having many good times! Even in the midst of all the craziness in the world right now, God is still good!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Absolutely Loving It

Spring, after a very light Winter, is delightful! There are angel trumpets dripping all over our yard.
This is a hibiscus that survived the Winter. It has to be over 15 feel tall!
And lots of other pretty things to see, too. The vegetable garden is coming along splendidly, and the flowers are oh, so happy  I am trying to enjoy every little bit of it all I can, because I know that the heat of Summer will be here very soon. Matter of fact, it's here already some afternoons. It is important to enjoy the fresh beauty while it is around.
Something else I'm really enjoying is our new baby chicks! I have no idea why I love them so much, but I do! Mr. Muddling just shakes his head and loves me anyway, thank God!
Buddy is watching over them, and I am watching him! LOL!
This is a not-yet-finished Ribbons quilt. It is a Jordan Fabrics free pattern. You can see a video here. It was originally posted in November, 2018.  I am making mine a queen size. The center portion is all sewn together now and I just have to make decisions about the borders and get them attached.
I wish I could share some of the loveliness here with you all, but I hope you have lots where you are that is making your smile!
Hugs and kisses,