Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sandy's Three

I thought I would share today the three that Sandy could not get to me before we took that last batch to the USO. These three will be going on our next trip there! 
First is this string quilt. Isn't it gorgeous!

The backing is really fun and I like that purple binding, too!

Next up is this sixteen patch stars quilt. I made the sixteen patches and Sandy put it all together and quilted it (and the other three as well!). 

She used that same fun fabric for the backing on this one, but changed up the binding, using the same stripe as the outer border. Very effective, don't you think?

This one is a red/white/blue nine patches and neutral rail fences. I love it!

And look at this backing! Just perfect, along with that dark blue stripe for the binding.
Thank you, Sandy, for all your hard work. We make a pretty good team, don't we?

I have now started sewing these half squre triangles together, I like them. Can't wait to see how this one grows. 

I sort of lost my quilting mojo for a while there, but I'm happy to report that it is back - and that makes me happy! I hope you have lots of happy-makers happening there in your little corner of the world, too!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Scrappy Trips

The Scrappy Trips Around the World is finished! Thank you to Bonnie Hunter for another great free pattern. I really, really like this quilt, even though it's not perfect. (Although I have it on good authority that there is no such thing as a perfect quilt!)  

My friend Phyllis (who by the way celebrated with her husband on Thursday their sixtieth wedding anniversary! What an accomplishment.) sewed together many sets of two inch strips for me. This was definitely another cooperative quilt. I love that!

The pictures are just as I finished quilting it. I did a very simple wavy line all over. Just an idea I had, but it turned out pretty well!  The Southwest themed fabric I used for the backing is from my friend Deb! Yes, more cooperativeness. 

Here it is - front, backing, and binding. I'm not sure exactly where this one is going yet, but I will soon!

Today I've been playing around with half square triangles. I cut these with the 4 1/2 inch half square triangle die on my Go! Cutter a while back. I need to cut more before I can get very far.

But this is what I've put up on the design wall so far. For the first time in a long time I do not have unfinished projects screaming at me. It's a wonderful feeling, so wonderful that as you can see I immediately started something new! Aren't we funny! 

It is cold (for me) here today and tonight, but it was so wonderful to see a beautiful clear blue, sunny sky today! Makes you glad to be alive.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and finding plenty to make you happy!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, January 21, 2017


The Christmas Dancing Nine Patch quilt is finished! Matter of fact, it is now on our bed. And yes, I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I just don't care. I like it! Buddy inspected it, and it  passed his rigorous examination. 

I was sewing the binding on it yesterday while watching the inauguration. It is the first one I have watched all the way through. Really enjoyed most of it. I hope our country will come together now and start to heal and forgive each other. 

This beautiful lady is our pastor. Last weekend we introduced her to these two little girls belonging to Mr. Muddling's brother and his sweet darling wife. Perhaps you can tell by that look on her face, that it was love at almost first sight. Boo and Bella now live in her house! I've been enjoying her postings to Facebook all week detailing their investigation and conquer of their new domain. So glad they are all happy!

We've had a lot of rain here and it's still pretty soggy outside. Buddy occasionally likes to see what is going on out there, and because he can - he does! I do love this dog!

I've cut back a lot of my outside plants that were damaged in the freeze we had here a couple of weeks ago. There will have to be new additions to the landscape and I'm looking forward to that when the danger of more freezing weather is past.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend full of things that make you happy. I am so thankful for the many things in my life that do that for me!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 Recap

I believe I actually finished thirty quilts in 2016. I had an idea at the first of the year that I'd like to finish a quilt each week, but that did not happen.

I had some minor surgical procedures done and there were no problems with that, but the enforced rest after each of them allowed arthritis time to try to jump on me with a vengeance! It slowed me down considerably. I am still working toward getting my mobility back where it belongs!

We had some cold (for us) weather here earlier in the month, but I'm happy to say things are back where they should be, and we've been enjoying time outside, as least as far as the patio!

I did not protect our outside plants as well as I should have and we lost some. Time will tell how many. Probably time to replace some of them anyway. I'll look forward to plant shopping when warmer weather is here to stay. 

It's good to look back at what we hoped to accomplish and what was completed. I'm happy and thankful for so many things. I love that I can do what I enjoy and be a blessing with the quilts I make. I look forward to doing a lot more of that this year!  I hope you have plans for good, too!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Cooperative Quilt for the USO

My friend Sandy pieced this jelly roll race and I quilted and bound it.
White dots on red for the binding,
and happy red pinata fabric for the backing (thank you, Deb!).
Buddy has approved the finished, crinkly, freshly washed and dried product. It and several more will soon be on their way to our local airport USO lounge.
I finally finished the Christmas Dancing Nine Patch top. I sewed that last border on with my vintage Singer 301. Such a sweet machine! This top is pressed and waiting for me to get the backing fabric sewn together. It is a big one!
Winter got here last week and wreaked havoc on our outdoor plants and shrubs. This was the pink angel trumpet. We'll see if it survives. I know we're not through with Winter yet. 

This is a close up of Marilyn from the above picture. She is the lone chicken left, and has decided that she will start gifting me with eggs again! We got three last week. What a lovely surprise in the midst of all the weather destruction!

I do hope you are all having happy, happy surprises, too. It helps, doesn't it?

Hugs and kisses,