Friday, February 21, 2020

Two for the USO

I finished this patriotic quilt for the USO Lounge at our local airport. It makes me happy to give our soldiers a little comfort on their journey from here to there.
Lots of red, white and blue in this one. But notice that the sixteen patches are a little bit of everything. I love that!
Here it is all crinkly and cuddly after its run through the washer and dryer.
This little red and white one will be going, too. It should be nice for a child.
Doesn't it make you think of cupcakes?
Still lots of pretty things outside! As you can see, we have not had the brutal cold this year.
I bought one of the amaryllis bulbs to force inside. That's it in the top center. That is the second stalk of four blooms! Mr. Muddling and I bought the little anthurium, the red heart shaped flower lower second from left.  It was sort of a Valentine's gift from us to us. 
I do love seeing all the pretty things God has put in this world for us to enjoy!
I hope there are lots of those in your world.
Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

I decided I wanted a little Valentine wall hanging and made this one to hang in our hallway. I like that little galvanized house, too. I found it online at Walmart. There is a jar candle in it and it's a very pretty little bit of warmth when it is lighted.
I do know that you are not supposed to touch the quilt art, but I do it all the time. Mr. Muddling has confessed to the same fault. It just cries out to be touched, there is so much texture to it!
I made this quilt as an experiment.
I used this pattern from Kim Diehl's book, Simple Whatnots. I liked the cuteness of it in the small size she made and wondered what it would look like if I made it bigger.
I did not like it at all when I first laid it out and began sewing it all together, but after it was done I liked it a lot!
Here is another shot of it outside. The colors are very saturated.
This is a closer look at the binding and the backing I used was this brown print from Mary Fons.
The quilt has been gifted to a friend of ours and he seemed to like it.
This is the design wall behind my sewing machine. I have plans to expand on all these thoughts hanging there. When?  Who knows?
Right now I have a red, white and blue quilt to get loaded and quilted. It will be going to the USO Lounge at our local airport. There always seem to be so many things I want to get done. But at least I am not bored!
I hope you have lots of pleasant and enjoyable plans for yourself today.  There are so many possibilities in this world of ours to explore!  God is good. All the time!
Hugs and kisses,