Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh, Baby (Quilt)!

I have been working on this little baby quilt for a new little boy to be born this month to the son of our next-door neighbors.  I watched that little boy grow up and now he's going to be a daddy.

I stayed up literally all night on this one and I was having such a good time.  I free-handed stars and hearts in the red blocks and had a lot of fun doodling around the border.  Then I trimmed it.

And then I made the horrible discovery that I had caught the backing in my border stitching.  So after a lonnnnng time ripping, a sore neck from bending over said stitching and sore fingers from ripping out said stitching, I'm still not through, but I did quit for now.  Bummer!

On a more positive note, I did finish my bag.  I think it will serve me well.

I'll try it out at Quilt Festival tomorrow!  I can hardly wait.

It's rainy and gray and cold (for us) here today, but it should be a pretty day tomorrow.  I've never been to Festival before, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm working on getting the chicken house and yard ready for the babies to move outside.  The old ladies are gone and I miss their murmurings out there.  I'll like it a lot better when the new chicks are outside where I can see and hear them from my window.  Plus, I'd really like to get my garage back!

Have a great day.

Hugs and kisses,


*karendianne. said...

Oh friend, what a sweet quilt with such great free motion quilting. I was right there with ya. Then... oh then I read on and was yet again, RIGHT THERE WITH YA when you had to go thru the process of unsewing to the point of a sore neck and fingers and just an all around bummer at that point. I do understand having gone thru that, too. I mean, we all do at some point, ha? Uh. It's a real drag. Of course, looking at little chickens does fix that drain... it does, ha?

Oiyi said...

The freehand doodles look so professional! Beautiful work as always.