Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Days Are Just More Muddling than Others

I have all of the main blocks sewn together for Mr. Muddling's co-worker who is retiring next month.  But I wasn't altogether pleased with the first part of the layout I put up on my little design wall.

 The way they were turned sort of took away emphasis from the stars in the sashing blocks.

 See how much more the stars show up when I put the blue parts of the blocks next to them?  Anyway, I like it better.

And here is the first section of it all sewn together.  I might add if I were honest, and why not be - you all know by now what a muddler I can be - that it is actually sewn together for the third time.  I had to unsew and resew a couple of the blocks because I somehow got them turned the wrong way and didn't notice.  Bummer.  Of course it could also be due to sewing in the middle of the night, but we won't talk about that.

Remember this quilt?  I sent it off to my sister in law in Tucson.  I never did talk to her after she received it, but her daughter texted (the language of today) and said that they all loved it.  On Sunday we got a call that this sister in law had passed away in the night.  The whole family is just stunned.  She was only in her forties, much too young to leave.

I had no intention of sending her that quilt.  I thought I was making it for myself.  But something  (should I say SOMEONE) just told me to give it to her.  Can I just tell you that I am so glad that I obeyed that urge.  I know that I fail all too often to listen to that still small voice of the Spirit of God.  I have a long way to go to get where I should be, but I'm so glad I did not miss it this time.  That she had a tangible token of the love we feel for her while she was still here means so much to me. 

We actually had a small, short, but very welcome shower this morning.  I was about to leave for the store, when I saw that it was just pouring.  I only had a few minutes to wait till it had cleared up and moved on, but oh, it was heavenly while it lasted!  We have been short of rainfall for months now, and others have it far worse.

I do so hope that all is going well for you, and that your weather is doing what it needs to do.

Hugs and kisses, my friends,



*karendianne. said...

Gosh I'm so glad you listened to that still, small voice. You were an instrument of much peace. Amazing.

What a stunning quilt you're working (muddling) on in the middle of the night. I could have called you this past night (morning) as I woke at 2am and never did go back to sleep. :( Did get some muddling of my own done.

BTW, how are the chickens holding up in the heat?

Susan said...

If only we would listen to God's voice more often, I am so sorry to hear this. Your beautiful work in all your quilts are pieced with love. This new one I like up on the wall in the first picture. I think the flow of color works well throughout.

Connie said...

I just LOVE the yellow border on the quilt. perfect.

Margaret said...

Promtings and urgings, not coincidence but God incidences, and you are blessed , twice blessed in the process, hugs.

and on another note I made the Nachos last Monday for late lunch early pre tea as Daughter 3 had come home from 7 weeks away and family came down and around . The Nachos went off a treat..

Debs said...

You are not on your own in the Godcidence area, be comforted in knowing we are all becoming who we are.
A quilt is a wonderful, comforting gift.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so out of it. I'm so sorry about your SIL. I can't believe that! Stunning. You are so right about the spirit talking to us. If we would only listen more closely. I find myself caught up with noise and we can't hear the spirit if we aren't listening and there isn't quiet. I am so guilty of that. It is amazing to be at the right place at the right time. You did that! I'm proud of you.