Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I've been cutting 2 1/2 inch strips

and sewing them to strips of the reproduction 1930's fabric.

I've been playing with some of the half square triangles sewn from the flannel squares.  The one at the top left is already trying to leave the design wall.  LOL! Lots more of them need to be sewn before there will be enough for a quilt for our bed, which is where they are headed.  But before I can do that, I will have to trim more of the squares I have to a uniform size and sew them together in pairs.  Funny, flannel is so much thicker than regular quilting cotton that a pile of finished squares looks like a lot more than it really is.  That's what I get for not planning more.  I am so bad about just starting something and then figuring it out as I go.  (Muddling, you know?)

I've cut a nice stack of muslin squares that will eventually become another string quilt.

I've been drinking a LOT of the "nectar of the South", iced tea.

I don't really even want to talk about this.  Yep, another project begun and not yet finished.  Oh dear.

And Chloe, my mentor and constant overseer says that I should just lighten up and take a nap.  And to please stop disturbing her!  Oh brother.

I guess really and truly it is just that it is SO hot here and I am so tired of being cooped up inside.  I'm ready to get out and play in the dirt, but it's too hot and too dry.  I am ready for fall.  Seriously.  Now.

Hope you're having more success with your doing right now!

Hugs and kisses,


Karen E. Overton said...

I echo you thoughts of being cooped up inside - it is way too hot, even for Texas! Love your productivity! Me, I think I take too many naps

Debs said...

2½ inch strips must be the order of the day. I'm going through my scraps making strips too, not because its hot and dry. We are experiencing strong winds and very heavy rain. Keep cool, from 'Down Under'.

Exuberant Color said...

You are working the way I do, cut a little, figure how much more you need, cut some more. I rarely have the whole project cut or even figured out when I start. I like the start of your flannel one. I never did get any made last winter and I had planned to.

Susie Swanson said...

I do this same thing. Cut some and sew some and never get done. It feels like winter when you're cooped up in the house. I may get mine done come winter if something else don't delay me like babysitting my grandchildren...Susie

Karen said...

I am impressed with all the busy work that is going on. I am ready to swap seasons too, so send your weather to me!

Susan said...

Hot here, too, and I try to go outside but it wears you down so fast. 110* today and it feels like a blast furnace. I find myself like Chloe, taking naps frequently!
It is nice to be able to play in the sewing room.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I just love 1930's reproduction fabric! Such pretty prints! Hang in there with that's still hot here, but this morning, the air felt like fall was you ever feel that? Kiss Chloe for me! Such a darling! blessings,Kathleen

Margaret said...

So pretty are those squares, no wonder you want to get started. I've been muddling all day.

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you're having fun Ms. Muddling -- and living true to your name LOL. We have a friend who owns McDonald's restaurants -- he called Sweet Tea Black Gold -- 'cause it costs them nothing to make and people drink it by the GALLONS. He has funny stories to tell about people that come every. day. to buy sweet iced tea!

Annie said...

Love the string quilt and love all your cutting. I hope you got that rest. I want to get out in the garden too, but our problem is it's just too wet. Tomorrow is forcast for a lovely day, so look out garden here I come