Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flowers and Chickens and Fabric, Oh, My!

 We are already having summer here in Houston.  But that's pretty normal.  Summer lasts a looooooonnnnggg time here.  I took the screen off the window in the sewing room so I could enjoy the view a little better without the heat.

 The old wheelbarrow you can see in the first picture has the miniature gardenias blooming right now.

 On the other side of the back yard are the pretty marigolds growing in with the tomatoes and field peas.

It's still worth going out in the heat to see the flowers.  For me, at least.

 These petunias growing in a pot on the front of the house are an almost electric purple.  There were purple verbena blooming in there, too, but I guess they are not as fond of the heat, though it looks like I'm seeing a few buds in the picture.  Maybe they will made a re-appearance.

More marigolds and impatiens in the front yard.

And this pretty girl is Esmerelda.  She's not in the best mood right now.  Poor Esmerelda has been broody for a couple of weeks.  There is no rooster, so there will be no hatching of the eggs, but she doesn't get that, so every day she sits.  This is actually a rare photo of her off the nest!

 I'm making some progress on the quilt I showed earlier with the bird fabric as the inspiration.  Still not sure exactly where I'm going with this, but at least there is movement.

AND I have cut fabric for a quilt I need to get made for a friend who is visiting here next month from England to help celebrate Miss Ru's thirtieth birthday.  I thought it would be fun to make him a western/Texas/cowboy themed quilt as a sort of thank you for making such a long trip.

I hope you're having lots of interesting things to see and do, and that you are happy seeing and doing them!

Hugs and kisses,


Exuberant Color said...

that is an interesting marigold. There are so many varieties of them.
I remember Verbena taking a few breaks in my pots too. I think it just doesn't like to bloom continually like the petunias.

Wonky Girl said...

Wonderful view you have from sewing room, I'm jealous! It' hot here too now, close to 100! Summer heat is early. Your quilt colors are lovely. Ill be watching how it evolves.

Karen said...

Lovely to see the garden looking so good. Good luck with all the quilt plans!

Margaret said...

Bringing summer into the last of our Autumn days was a refreshment, 30 years of miracles , Wow.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Lovely blossoms and as always, love that hen! The quilt is looking beautiful. The pinks and blues gives it such a nostalgic charm!