Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here and Now

Bruno and Ariel are keeping a close eye on things.

Because yes, the chickens are once again marauding in the back yard.  They do so love being out and roaming around to see what is new and if any of it is edible.

They have assured me that since they are indeed birds, they should be fed bird seed occasionally.  Actually they'd like me to just leave a very large bag open for them at all times.

And inside, I've been cutting lots of squares and triangles.  This is just one possibility.  There are oh, so many more!  I do love to play with fabric, don't you?

Hope you're having a wonderful day.  Mine is going great!  Glory to God!  He works all things out in His own time.  And I trust Him to do that.

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Your dogs and chooks are looking great. Have fun with those squares and triangles.

  2. What beautiful dogs you have! We have chickens too and I think yours are pretty :)

  3. Looks like the dogs and chickens are having fun. Can they be out together in the backyard?

  4. Ransom was always a "chicken chaser..." You've got good watch dogs....

  5. I have a friend who recently got some backyard chickens, so I will pass along the birdseed idea in case she's not heard it. Karmen


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