Sunday, July 29, 2012


My little Singer 99K was getting terribly dusty sitting around in the sewing room.  Not good.

So I set to work: sewing leftover batting into a useable size,

 sewing together leftover quilt parts and finding a backing fabric that would work.  This is the inside of the new cover.

And this is the outside.  Now my little baby is nicely covered and safe from all that nasty old dust.

Of course now the workhorse of the sewing room, Miss Janome, is complaining.  Although she does have her very own custom fitted table (and it IS red!) there is still no cover for her.

There were also chocolate chip cookies made this weekend.  And too many of them eaten by me.  But we won't talk about that.

I do hope your weekend is going well!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. I like it, I need to make a cover for mine too

  2. I love the sewing cover. I have my featherweights in their cases, but I really need to make a cover for the machine I sew on regularly. This turned out so nice.

  3. I leave my machine uncovered because I think I'll be back sewing the next day, but in reality sometimes 3-4 days go by without using it. I should follow your lead and use up some of my UFO and reject blocks.

  4. Can't have sibling rivalry in the sewing room -- you better get to work on that other cover!

  5. Great idea. A quick and useful project. And it looks great, too.

  6. Great job on the sewing machine cover; I have GOT to make one! Karmen


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