Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fruit House Quilt

This is quilt number six for the boys' home.  My friend Sandy pieced it.  I added the borders and backing, quilted it and machine sewed the binding.  Isn't it wild!  I think a boy might like it.

If it's too wild for him, he could always leave this cheater print as the side that shows.  This print was given to me quite a while back and I've been holding on to it for the perfect project.  What do you think?
Blogger is not cooperating with me.  I've tried multiple times to upload a few more pictures, but no go.  Maybe later.
Until then,
Hugs and kisses,


  1. I love both sides! I'm sure the recipient will as well.

    Boo to Blogger! Hope you can get those pictures posted soon.

  2. Both sides looks cool! I like that house block :D

  3. What a wonderful and fun way to use those fabrics. Great idea. I think that cheater print on the back gives a two for one quilt option.
    Looks like your garden is doing well, too!

  4. What a fun quilt! The boys will have fun finding the fruits in the houses!

  5. Two options is a good plan as you don't know the recipient. Well done on both sides

  6. I'm sure they'll love it.. You have a heart of gold my friend.. I love both sides of it. Just beautiful..xo

  7. The fruit house is adorable. Simply stunning. I love it.


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