Saturday, June 22, 2013


Another collaborative effort - pieced by Sandy and quilted and bound by me.  This is a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop, named Basic Math. It is simple to make and goes tgether quickly.  Not sure yet exactly where this one is going.  I had thought it would go to Quilts Beyond Borders, but it is actually too big. 

There are a lot of fabrics in this one and you would think they would not play nicely together, but they seem to be getting along pretty well.

This backing fabric is really sweet.  I have no idea how old it might be.  It was some that was given to me a while back.
My little helpers are completely worn out with all the hard work they do around here.

I am SUCH a scavenger sometimes.  My neighbors all know that I want their leaves and pine needles when they rake.  I got a lot of these bags from Sandy and her husband this week.
Now there are "clean sheets" in the chicken yard!  Seriously, they have so much fun scratching for hidden treasure whenever something new comes to them.
I just came in a short time ago after letting the chickens out to roam for a little while.  I try to let them out morning and evening just for a break from the chicken pen.  Unfortunately I cannot allow them to roam freely or they would destroy everything in our yard!  They are quite destructive is such a small space as we have here.
It seems there is always more work to be done outside this time of year, and it's harder to get it done in the heat we usually experience.  But, early and late it is bearable.  I know it's not for everyone, but for me - - - dirt therapy has been a lifesaver!  That and fabric therapy.  Hallelujah!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and kisses,


Mary Perez said...

I love the quilt mom. I miss the chickens

Melanie said...

Grab the picnic basket!!!Let's go!!! Great project....

Karen said...

Basic Math looks like a great way to use lots of fabrics in a quilt. I like the way it has worked out.
The chickens must think it a wonderful present when all these bags arrive!!

Sarah Craig said...

Thats such a pretty quilt! I'll have to check out the pattern on MBS - looks very useful for scraps! Whoop whoop for you!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That quilt reminds me that I haven't visited the Bake Shop lately ... need to go check it out!

Working out in the yard is therapeutic for me, too. As is working with fabric, of course! ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Fabric and dirt -- what more could we ask for? Another winner! I'm thinking I need to get a long arm -- it might nudge me to make more quilts knowing that the quilting part wouldn't be so difficult! ;-D

Sheila said...

Love this pattern. I remember reading this post. I can see this as a good scrap quilt pattern. Love what you did with it. Sweet backing fabric.