Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tracy's Blocks Have Become a Quilt

A while back I put some blocks that a friend from church had made into sashing and borders and quilted it.  You can see it here.  At that time she had also given me another set of blocks to make into a quilt.  Now they, too, have been sashed, bordered and quilted.

I had fun with the quilting on this one.  I played all over the quilt with freehand flowers, swirlies and ribbons.  Not perfect, but still pretty good!  Tracy did such a wonderful job of piecing the blocks that it was just a joy to put the together.  I believe she plans to gift this one to her sister.

The serial number for my Singer 201 was issued on September 5, 1940, which makes her even older than me!  I do so enjoy sewing on this machine.  She just hums along through most anything.

I made pizza yesterday, and Miss Ru and I had it for lunch out on the patio.  As you can see, there was considerable agitating by Bruno and Lady for a share of the grub.  (They were not terribly successful......)
I am so thankful for so many things, including you!  I hope you are having lots of fun and finding a way to help others in the process.
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Love the quilt! Very bright and cheerful. I also love your 201. I love mine too. Aren't they just the best machines? I sold a Bernina 155 yesterday because it sat in the closet while I use my vintage machines.

  2. Lunch in the porch is a fun treat! Love love love the quilt, Elaine. Happy!

  3. Your machine is 2 months older than me! They really knew how to make machines back then. They have added too many bells and whistles to the new ones.

  4. Awww, how could you resist those sweet faces? If I had dogs they'd be enormous because I wouldn't be able to resist feeding them scraps from the table LOL!

  5. Gorgeous quilt. Those machines can't be beat. I love lunch on the porch. Hugs and blessings, xo

  6. Lovely quilt. So bright and colourful. Sounds like you have fun when you are quilting! Good!

  7. Bruno and Lady are cute dogs. Looks like they wanted some pizza, too. Your quilts are stunning. I love the patterns and colors, and fabrics. You are such a talented person.

  8. I love sampler quilts.
    Lady is growing up : )


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