Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Friday in September

The vertical rows are all sewn together and now I need to join all of them and I'll be ready for borders.

I've been pulling fabric candidates, but haven't made firm decisions yet.

Another quilt trying to get out of my head and out into the world. I've been making four patches for a very long time as leader/enders and then sewing four of them together to make 16-patches. You know I like red, and this looks like it will turn into something I'll really like!

Lady and Bruno. Oh, my, it looks like a really tough life here at Muddle Manor, doesn't it? LOL!!

It's a beautiful day here, warming up again, but still nice early and late. I do hope you're having a really good week and that you have something going on that is making you happy.

Hugs and kisses,


  1. I enjoyed your happy post, Elaine!

  2. I like where both of these quilts are going. Funny, but when I look at the picture of the first quilt, I see Mickey Mouse ears. Can't help but giggle.
    I love red and 16 patch blocks. I may steal your idea next year : )

  3. You know it is no wonder dogs have so much energy when they are awake because they certainly get a lot of rest!

  4. I found a few weeks ago a box of those partial circle blocks. I believe they were left over from a grandson's quilt that these colors were too "girly". there is almost enough for my niece to have a throw. At least that's what I'm planning.

  5. I'm just loving not having to get up and go to work everyday...I get so much more done and it's far more pleasurable, but it will have to come to an end...

  6. Love the way the D Path blocks are turning out. Especially with those colours.
    And of course the scrappy blocks look great with the red.

  7. Another beautiful gem you've created there. Hope you are doing better, you sound like it. Hugs and much Love. xo

  8. Lady and Bruno are fine looking animals. I love your quilt patterns. The colors are beautiful. You've created a real gem again as Susie Swanson said.

  9. Pretty work! Love those pups! Are you going to the quilt show this year?


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