Saturday, October 17, 2015

Two Deliveries

I got the binding sewn on this one last night and today we delivered it to Mr. Muddling's sister. She loves it. She is a purple lover, like Miss Ru. It's taken me this long to be able to work with purple on this big a scale again. I know it's silly, but it's just the truth.

Of course I had Bruno's invaluable assistance. He is convinced I could not do anything without him right there with me, and he may be right! At any rate, he is very faithful to stay with me no matter how long I stay up. You don't even want to know what time I finally went to bed this morning.

Here's a shot after washing and drying in all its crinkly loveliness. My sister wants me to make a star quilt for her sister in law who recently lost her husband. I'll start on it soon, but I need a little break from stars first.

The second delivery of the day was made by the post office to our nephew and his wife for their little girl, due in January. Mom-to-be is kindly modeling it for me!

Our gardening season was such a dismal disappointment this year that I decided to give the garden another shot. As you can see, there are butterbeans and peas growing, and a few flowers, too, because we just like to see flowers. We don't ordinarily get our first frost until December, so we'll see how this second time around goes.

I had a very sweet email from the local USO wanting my "group" to make more quilts if we can and saying some sweet things about the ones we've made before. My "group" is my neighbor Sandy and my friend Phyllis and me. Big group! But we will, of course make more quilts for them. I made a U-turn with the leader/ender project I've been working on and decided to make it a lap size for the USO. That will be one and it shouldn't take a huge amount of time to get it all sewn together and quilted. I have some other things in mind and Sandy already has one ready to go, so I think they can count on us!

It's good to feel useful and it's really good when people not only appreciate, but take the time to tell you they are thankful for what you've worked to give them. I like that! I hope people are telling you lots of good things and that you are having a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and kisses,


Sewing Junkie said...

Your quilts are very lovely. Making quilts for organizations is admirable, but asking for more is in my estimation a big task. Maybe you should ask for more help. My Mother made quilts for Linus and they were always a cut above others that came in. She was given a flat reception when she brought them in. Glad the USO was appreciative of your quilts. Chris

Anonymous said...

You purple star quilt is gorgeous! I can understand that it must be hard to work with certain colors, knowing how Miss Ru loved them. It is a wonderful thing to see what an impact your quilts for the USO have had!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

It's certainly understandable that it is hard to work with colors that remind you so much of your sweet Miss Ru. So glad that the USO truly appreciates your quilts ... while your quilts are fabulous, it's so nice to actually hear such kind words from the receiving organization.

Sheila said...

Congratulations on finishing two beautiful quilts. I love both of them and know they will be used and loved.
Most excellent idea to sash those stars. After a go in the washer and dryer they look so soft and cozy. I like to make star blocks but like you, I don't like to make them one after another for long. (I start mixing up the pieces and the points start facing the middle of the blocks. Yipes!) Your USO quilts were beautiful. I'm sure they were appreciated.
You are so generous with your quilting talents. Always sharing warmth, comfort and words to others. You are rare, an angel walking among us.

Susie Swanson said...

Congrats on your beautiful quilts. You have a heart of gold and such a giving and kind person. I love your garden and all it's bounty. We've had some scattered frost here for the last three mornings but it's time for ours to be here... Hope you have a nice week. Blessings and lots of Love, xo

Thimbleanna said...

Two beautiful quilts Elaine! And it's not silly to take awhile to be able to use the purple again -- very understandable. And I couldn't agree with Susie more -- you DO have a heart of Gold!!!

Karen S said...

Well done with your quilt deliveries this week. They are both looking so wonderful.
No - it is not silly to wait a while until you were ready to work with purple. Everything takes time and it is better to wait until you are ready. That way you will enjoy it and enjoy the memories.
I love that the USO contacted you about your quilts. That is a real pat on the back for the work you have done together. It really is good to know they are appreciated.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I applaud you and your friends for making quilts for the USO. How wonderful that they contacted you. Love the pretty quilts! Your flowers are pretty. I did not get one zinnia this year as we have had an explosion or rabbits who ate them all down. Have a wonderful week!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

such beautiful quilts and a big hug to you and your friends for helping the USO. Your flowers always look so pretty! Good luck with your garden