Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another One Ready for the USO

This one is finished. It's a very simple pattern, just alternating neutral rail fence blocks with nine patches. It's still pretty, isn't it!

The backing and the front border are very similar fabrics, and I used the same blue with white dots for the inner border and the binding.

I do appreciate our service men and women, so i decided to just sew a thank you in there, too.

Here it is in its crinkly shot! I hope they will enjoy this quilty hug.

Summer has arrived in Houston. During the day some of the vegetation just wilts. I understand that is a way they conserve moisture and stay alive. It still makes me a little sad to see it though. Plenty of things are still thriving out there, even in the heat.

Our daughter is here for a visit over the weekend. There are things planned  with our son and daughter in law, too, to celebrate Father's Day. Our granddaughter may even make it in for that, we'll see.

I hope you have good things planned for your weekend and that you are blessed in every way!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Yes, it is very pretty. Simple patterns\ with a chain going across each way, so pretty!

  2. Another beauty Elaine! Simple quilt are the best. At first I was wondering how you got that look between the "chains", then you explained it -- so simple and just perfect!

  3. So lovey! I am sure who ever gets it, will treasure it. We had a period of hot dry days.....but got good rain again. Still the heat is sweltering. Have a wonderful visit with your children and a happy Father's Day weekend

  4. Beautiful in its simplicity. You have such a creative mind when it comes to designing color and pattern for a quilt. It's hot here in AZ, our plants wilt in this heat too. Temps are steadily climbing, could get into triple digits next week! Oh, enjoy the gathering of family, how fun :-)

  5. What a beautiful quilt! Stunning and simple, just what I like!

  6. I really like that pattern. Very nice quilt!

  7. Sometimes the simplest of things are the most beautiful. You did an excellent job. It is a fantastic quilt. Congrats! ;^)

  8. I do enjoy seeing the combination of blocks you put together. They always work so well. And I do like the blues in the border. This is another lovely finish.
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  9. IT may well be a simple pattern, but with the two blocks put together, it really sparkles. Thank you for sharing, that pattern looks like a great one to use up scraps.
    Jenny from New Zealand

  10. Beautiful quilt! I love simple patterns made up scrappy.


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