Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sweet Little Rail Fence Baby Quilt

This little quilt made its way to a baby boy born on Friday! The baby shower for his mom took place on Saturday, but since she and the impatient little man who had decided to come early were still in the hospital, they were not able to attend. The quality of this photo is not great, it was a cloudy, rainy day. 

This picture is before it was trimmed and bound, and you can see the colors a little better. The backing is a solid blue soft flannel. It should be big enough for young Daniel Roy to enjoy for some years to come. He is already a charmer from the pictures we've seen. 

This is a teaser of the stack of purple strips I showed in my last post all sewn together, but from the "wrong" side.  I ended up swapping one of the strip sets for a different fabric I think works better with the others. I'll post again soon with the completed project, just have to get the binding sewn on!

We've had some very nice Spring weather here lately. There's been rain, but not excessively, just exactly what the slowly coming back to life again plants and flowers crave. One of orchids inside has decided to come into bloom, too. There's Chloe inspecting it in the center right photo. Cats always have to be a part of everything, don't they? If you look on the bottom left, you'll see our neighbor's cat overseeing Marilyn (our last remaining chicken) at her work in the garden. Thank God, there's always something to laugh about around here!
Speaking of which, I must show you this shot of Buddy. He was patiently keeping watch over me, but got so tired, he had to lean against that door frame to hold his head up! I do love that dog!

Mr. Muddling and I have almost recovered from an unpleasant little upper respiratory thing that dared to attack us over the past week. We are both SO glad to be back feeling good again!

I hope you've had a good week, with plenty of things to make you laugh and make you happy!

Hugs and kisses,


Sheila said...

That is a sweet baby quilt. Sounds and looks soft and cuddly. Buddy has it good : )

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful Quilt and I love that pattern. I've made several like it but none as beautiful as yours. We've had some pretty, warm days and now we're expecting snow to come in tomorrow night. They say March is the transition month but I do wish it'd make up its mind. Blessings and Love.

Jenny said...

Lovely baby quilt for the new little one, and I love the way your dog is lying there keeping an eye on you!

Wonky Girl said...

So nice to visit your blog.... every time there are so many nice things. The baby quilt will be treasured I'm sure. Your garden is coming back so nicely. Things are blooming here, hope we don't have a late cold snap but rain would be welcome. Oh dear, one chicken left ? Have you thought about raising some bantams? Silkies are so sweet and funny, so are many other breeds.... maybe think about it. BTW- I have some fabric ready to mail so look for a package next week. There may be something to back your HST top when finished. :-)

Karen S said...

A lovely finish, Elaine. So sweet for a new baby boy.
How unusual to have a baby shower without the mother there, but if that bay wants to come early, that's the way it is!

Thimbleanna said...

Such a sweet little quilt Elaine! The pretty blues are just perfect for a baby boy. Make that a Lucky baby boy!