Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brunch, Biscuits and Saving Money on Meat

Today, we were VERY late getting something to eat, so it seemed like a good idea to have a big brunch-type meal. I had some tenderized round steak I had bought at Kroger on Thursday, so - gravy steak, grits (Texas is still the south, you know), scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and homemade biscuits.

It occurred to me that I have never shared this super-easy recipe for biscuits:

1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup canola oil
3 cups self-rising flour

Pour buttermilk into largish bowl, add oil. Then add flour and quickly stir together.

After flouring your hands, pinch off dough the size you want your biscuits to be. Form them into rounds and then flatten on pan. You want to be really light-handed with this for the biscuits to be tender. They don't like a lot of handling. :)

If you're careful you'll find that there is almost nothing left in your bowl after making the biscuits and you have not had to roll them out! Two pluses.

Bake at 410 degrees farenheit for 15 minutes or more, until browned lightly. Can't get much easier than this, can it?

I got some good deals on the round steak. I bought one regular package and one package that was pre-tenderized. Check out these prices!

If you want to save some money on groceries, do some of the meat cutting for yourself. In the package of regular round steaks there were three pretty good sized pieces. Out of those I cut:

2 packs of chunks suitable for beef stew
2 packs of thin strips suitable for pepper steak or fajita-type tacos
1 packs of four smaller steaks

Have a good time!
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