Monday, July 13, 2009

You Just Never Know Who Will Come for Breakfast!

When I came back in this morning after feeding the chickens and putting out food for the birds, I looked out my kitchen window. Now, I've seen all kinds of birds out there at different times and in different years, but this is a first for me. And the poor little guy must have really been hungry, because he stayed there and ate and ate for at least five minutes!

edited to add: I guess I should have said, it's a blue parakeet, obviously one that someone has let escape into the wild. :) He/she should be fine. Unless we have an unseasonably cold winter, the weather here will not hurt the bird at all. And I guess this bird has found a place to pick up a meal!

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Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Poor little thing....he might have accidentally gotten out of his cage. We have a cockatiel that we have had for 26 years. His name is Cookie. I bought him from my boss. She said he just flew into her yard one day. Over the years, Cookie loved to sit out of his cage and visit with us. One day my son came in from play and Cookie flew to land on his head, my son still had the door opened and Cookie flew right on outside. He landed in a tree and I was able to put my hand up and he flew down, thank goodness, and I got him back inside. It really scared him, however, he was quiet the whole day. lol. Now he is so old that he doesn't fly and doesn't come out of his cage much. Maybe this little parakeet might hang around and be company for you! blessings,Kathleen