Thursday, October 7, 2010

Using What I Have

I've been working more on my groovy quilt and thought I'd show you some of my "make-do's".

As I take the basting pins out of my quilt-in-the-making, I put them into a little jar where pimientos used to live.  My trusty seam ripper rests on a little mat I made from the trimmings of a quilt I made earlier.

My sweet little scissors are there, close to hand, too.  I keep them on the little mat so they don't slide around all over the place or fall on the floor.

Tonight I took a little break from sewing.  You know how it is - your back and your neck just demand that you stop from time to time.  And I started thinking.  I was thinking about how cute the little scissor fobs are and that I wanted one.  And then I thought maybe I could make one.  So I looked around and thought some more, and this is what I came up with.

I like it.  A lot.  I especially like that I made it myself with things I had right here in my house already without going out and buying anything.

Now, don't my scissors look happier?  Sorry, seam ripper, I can't make one for you.

Oh, and the gloves I use while I'm quilting are these stretchy knit, latex-coated garden gloves I got from the hardware store.  I have the regular quilting gloves, but I like these better.  They're grippier.

It's fun to find new uses for things you already have, isn't it?  Or could it be that I'm just a cheapskate?  Oh well, I'm having fun anyway!

Hope you are, too.

Hugs and kisses,


Oiyi said...

I am so impressed that you are so organized with your crafting tools. I get so involved in my projects, the tools tend to get placed everywhere.

Annie said...

I vote for fun, and I like the look of those grippy gloves. I use gloves too now - never used to

Millie said...

I like the using what you have idea...great ideas, Elaine.

Thimbleanna said...

Your little scissors fob is super cute -- I love the tassle you put on the end. You COULD put a fob on your seam ripper -- drill a hole through the end. ;-)