Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, Wow! Look at the Time.....

If you look on top of this nice little pile of cuteness you will see that the clock is reading 3:00.  That's a.m.  Oh, my, I just have such a hard time going to bed at night.  What can I say?  Inspiration strikes and I just go with it. 

Here, I've spread out and numbered the little pile.  That's because I'm going to give away three of these cute little tissue holders.  I started making them earlier in the evening and before I knew it I had a dozen made.  Here's the link if you'd like to give it a try for yourself.

They contain perfectly one of these little packets of tissues.  Or you could just fold a pile of tissues and put them into one.

This is what the back of each one looks like, correspondingly numbered.

If you would like to have one of these, just leave a comment, and be sure to mention which one you would like.  I will choose three winners on Monday night.  I will leave comments open until 6:00 p.m. my time Monday evening.

I finished the little pocket tissue holders early in the evening.  What kept me up was this little quilt.  I finished the quilt top on Wednesday and loaded it on the frame, but I had trouble.  I used some of the hand-dyed fabrics and the machine did not like them - kept skipping stitches.  Last night I decided to try a smaller needle and polyester thread.  It worked! 

So I worked, too.  I got a lot of it quilted!  Yippee!  If you look closely at the bottom right you will see that I had to piece the batting.

I do so hate to waste anything, so I usually piece batting scraps to make up whatever I need.

And oddly enough, I've found that the machine blanket stitch does a better job of holding it together without skewing it one way or the other.

I also got a pile of fat quarters in the mail from Connecting Threads.  I know, but I did not resist that sale.  Anyway, I like my fabrics washed before I use them.  My hands are not fond of the dyes and sizing.  I discovered Connecting Threads quite a while back on Quilt Taffy.  She had written about their beautiful thread and I had to try it.  I like it!  Their fabrics are nice, too - very soft.  Looking at these after laundering them, I was tempted to buy enough to make something to wear.  They feel so good!

I've made a start at folding them, because after all, we must have some sort of order, mustn't we? 

Please comment if you'd like one of the tissue holders and don't forget to tell me which one you'd like.  I'll post the winners Monday night.

Have a great day!

Hugs and kisses,


Susie Swanson said...

Love those tissue holders. What creativity you have and the quilt is just beautiful.

Oiyi said...

What a great tip on piecing batting scraps together! Luv the idea of not wasting all those pieces.

The tissue holders are so cute. #9 is my fave.

Margaret said...

Love the way you have pieced the backing together, you are a cleaver litle Lassie. Watch your mail for the new stitchery for this month Love Margaret

Susan said...

Well, I am up at five but you were still an hour up ahead of me and much more creative. I love red, so one through three would be my choice. I prewash my fabric too. I have been watching videos on youtube about machine quilting and some show machines and frames like you use and it is very interesting to watch.